Never Broken
2022-09-20 05:36:42 (UTC)


My little Terrier seems to be on the mend. He actually ate some of his nutritionally balanced dog food, instead of my food, which though it has some nutritive value, is not nutritionally balanced for a dog.

Yesterday was a busy one. I went to physio, last appointment, went and got the messages, (did some shopping for groceries) and went to do another couple of small errands. Then, upon returning home, I was planning on napping a bit, but I ended up talking to a friend for a couple of hours. It’s so good to catch up.

I’m hoping whatever was wrong with my best friend is gone away. He is such a grand wee dog and I love him so very much. I sometimes feel inadequate for asking for prayers, or praying for, a little Terrier dog, but he is God’s creature, too, right?