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2001-10-11 02:41:02 (UTC)

that time of day...

hello hello.
Im in a rather pleasant mood today.
could be due to the fact that i had just a lovely talk with
my lil man last night =)

i missed kev. Well...i still do. But i dunno anytime i
talk to him always end up in a better mood.
we just clicked from the start i guess.
heh its really funny cuz we have alot of NOTHING in
common...everything i love he hates...haha everything he
loves i cant say im all about either...
yet we still always end up back at this standpoint.
heh we always kinda laugh about that.
we'll always be like "ok if it doesnt work this
time...we're just gonna be friends and call it quits on
anything else for good"..but it never lasts.
im thinkin definately now about goin to college over
we will see though only time tells...

ah well enough for tonight