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2022-09-18 20:20:00 (UTC)


I've always said that I didn't understand voice k^nks because it's like, what the heck is attractive about a voice? But if you narrow it down to accents and the way someone speaks, rather than simply someone's voice deepness or whatever, I could somewhat understand. Like how I say you should never underestimate the potential power of a cowboy look, a country accent is sometimes just as freaking powerful. Like there's this one fast food advertisement I've been getting a lot recently and there's this one dude who's face and accent compliment each other so well that I end up,, letting the ad play. And I find that some dudes--- gosh wth like what the actual ---some dudes, speaking spanish, is actually pretty .... it just HITS DIFFERENT???

When I listen to people singing in a way thats like ASCENSION, I get a feeling thats more intense though, its not like *that* though. It's like those goosebumps you get when a song reaches a particular part where it seems like the whole production team mustve put their everything into. That sort of thing is really cool. The accent and language thing is heated. AUGHHHH IDK WHAT IM SAYING. VOICE KINKS DONT MAKE SENSE.