thenamelessone's diary
2022-09-19 00:33:40 (UTC)

September 18

I finished editing Poppy’s photos. They’re fantastic, I love them, they’re probably my favorite photos I ever took. It took me much more time than usual to edit these, because I wanted to make them as good as I can, and it was worth it. I also experimented with a few things.

I think the pictures are so good because every aspect of the shoot luckily aligned well. She’s beautiful and chose an outfit that’s a bit unusual, sexy and interesting, and it fit her so well. The lighting was perfect, it was lightly cloudy and most photos look as if we used perfectly set up lighting, but we didn’t use any. The poses are interesting and they play to her advantages, I think it’s the result of how well we work together, we both had great ideas during the shoot. I also discovered a few spots at the location that I haven’t noticed when I’ve shot others before at that same location, and these spots are so perfect for portraits, they’re the best I’ve seen. I also probably see the pictures to be even better than they objectively are, because I like Poppy and the shoot was a good experience.