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2022-09-17 20:09:00 (UTC)

ache - emawk (stuck in my head)

I'm done living in my head.

Medula oblongata

I've always heard, going through my school grades, that you should try your best on your own before asking for or getting assistance in figuring things out. So suddenly having a teacher that is basically pro-calculator constantly is a strange switch up. But I'd also like to apply that previous statement to my life. These days I just ask for help with anything I don't *want* to do or I just sit/stand around listless (or giving up) because I can't bring myself to ask for help (for various reasons) despite not trying all that hard.

Watching Some Bros Danielle play The Quarry (i alr watched TK and Rage play it but i wanted to see if dontai did and well he did) and coming to the conclusion that Jakob is cute, like really cute (im not even talking appearance rn), but he's a darn idiot. A BIG idiot. Bro literally got everyone killed because his girl dumped him cuz she thought they were a summer fling. Crazy what love does to a person. He really thought a single night would get them back together. I mean later on they do sort of get into an entanglement but honestly I feel like her character is just not something that meshes with his in the long-term. She's kinda...a terrible person depending on the choices you make for her. But even then, I feel like she did not like-like him.

her kissing gabi(???)'s crush was like, wowza. I thought they were friends lol. Also, Nick is a cool dude, but its so hard to tell whether or not he's rly interested in homegirl. i dont like his accent. maybe i'm just bad at reading people; i could totally see that being the case lol.

had to come back to say SOMETHING
an ad came up for some movie abt 'the boogieman' and then showed MICHAEL MYERS?//?? HELLO??
i dont remember him being the boogeyman** (lol oops typo) but whatever anyway my point is I was in shock when he appeared
"the boogeyman has got to go down" says some old lady
then a tall, threatening, big man with a taste for MURDER pops up on my screen and im overcome with a startling feeling that i'm not willing to state plainly..
i cant believe he somehow is, what is oging on..