Evolving marriage
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2022-09-17 15:28:28 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Well I have been away from home almost a wk now. Spent a day and 2 nights with my gf in Co, then onto the homestead. Got a hotel first few nights but it was packed due a wknd event already so Im in the tiny house. I have electricity. Guy came the following day and put in my ceiling fan also and set up another light switch for me.

I went to a neighboring town to look at an antique bed frame and got that and a few items to take back, and was able to set up the bed. Have that all done, bedding, mini fridge, neighbors helped me unload and put in the window AC and cut some wood slats for my bedframe to hold the mattress.

So I officially slept in the structure last night. I bought a camping type toilet you just dump and I have that but am also free to use my neighbors work shop bathroom. Went there last night to wash my face and brush my teeth. Otherwise I can use bathrooms when in town or resturant. So Ill be camping out in here another night and will probably get a hotel the following as all the crowds will clear out. And I can get another shower.

So something happened, I was going to look at house here just over from me and was set to see it on thurs but it sold the day I made the appt 2 hrs after my call. I was bummed but she mentioned another house coming up. On my way to buy the bed frame thru a tiny town I saw a for sale sign, called my realtor and that was the house, she said she just put the sign in the yard 20 min ago. It wasnt even live online yet. I asked if anyone was in it and can I walk around? She said yes, and I called back begging her to come show it to me right away instead of waiting till the following day. She came back. So as of last night I submitted a cash offer on it. We put 24 hrs for response time, so lets see what happens! The house is a cute 1900 Farmhouse vernacular type, simple style. But wow the grounds, the property, the yard is beautiful! So many touches everywhere, 3 outer sheds, a garage with a workshop also. Gorgeous trees, huge of all kinds and pines. And the price is under $70,000, House is 2 bed 1 bath. The couple have lived there for 50 yrs!

So Im waiting on that, otherwise Im camped in my tiny house in my bed , a bed makes life good, and a mini fridge! And I hung up string lights. Its been raining all am, thunder and lightning, I can hear it on the metal roof.

So all is good, Ive not been sleeping enough, had a 10 hr night one night which made up for all the lack of sleep nights, but Ill survive. If this house deal goes thru Ill be staying here longer to go to the inspections. Otherwise I leave on tues to go home.