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2022-09-17 11:52:17 (UTC)

Ash moved to USA

Ash left after many years of struggle finally moved to USA. She told me on Tuesday that she is moving on Friday but ideally she left on Thursday. I am so happy for her. She lived away from her husband for really long time, she waited long with her baby and am so happy to know that she bought a new house too.. I guess now she has everything a baby, she is with her hubby, she has moved to USA where she was longing for many years. I just cant imagine how happy she must be. The happiness is different when you get something after long struggle, god bless her. And now its my turn... to wait, have patience, to live far away from my husband and its already 6 months that Yubu left to CA and has been 7 months to our marriage. Sometimes I feel bore, alone and miss him a lot. but then I make myself understand that I will soon go there and things will change soon. But when?? my application has not gotten any response yet. Its been 2 and a half month I don't know how many months I have to wait. I assume ill move in March. and i get to upset by thinking so more 6 months are you crazyyy???? noooooo plsss.
Yubu is planning to come in India in Dec and if my visa work is not done he will leave and without leaving me??? Ill feel so sad even just by thinking about it. still Ill leave it on universe. I know universe will do good and on time. cyaaa