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2022-09-16 21:15:00 (UTC)

ctrl p

Did some crap today that made me happy and h word, only mentally though...
Anyway I'm getting more tasks done-- (am i rly procrastinating on making a christmas list?? what has my life come to-) and drawing some stuff.
Once again appalled by how a few uploads from my favorite content creators can make me feel so...giddy?? It's embarrassing but that stuff is what makes me happy. I've gotten attached to them and their communities. Crazy how people that don't even know me, or know the majority of their fans personally, can affectively cheer me up so well. It's almost concerning how much dopamine and smiley energy I get when watching their vids/gameplays. its so cringe but its so fun. maybe i just cringe at showing my own emotions so when its something that actually does mean something to me, i just blow up
mood swings

i rly dont feel like making that list. id ont think i want anything for christmas. just some hot fries, jalepeno cheetos, and hot cheeto puffs lol what kinda arrangement. but yeah. that's it. I also want a nose piercing or second piercing. Also one of those completely plain black rings, like literally just a black ring.