Lost for words at times
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2022-09-16 09:53:52 (UTC)

So Damn Angry & Upset

Today, is my second eldest son's 37th birthday. Because of a situation and what was said, l decided NOT to even send him a birthday card. It's fucking killing me with what i've decided to do. I simply cannot ever forgive him for what he said to me. Am l supposed to fucking overlook these matter's because he is my son? So many time's l have suffered at the hands of him. The last time he beat me because he was high on drug's. I had him arrested on that occassion. YET, l forgave him again!!!! So many fucked up incident's i've had with him. Situation's that should never of happened all because of his fucking lifestyle choice's and this is why i'm so angry.
Why do l feel so fucking upset...? because l am his fucking mother and mother's are supposed to be there for their kid's regardless. Today, l have failed him by not even acknowledging him on his birthday. What sort of fucking mother am l??πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

I will fucking deal with this.
I will channel all my fucking energy into something constructive and positive today.

All is well in my little world besides this. I am back in work. I get to see my daughter, grandchildren this weekend.
I will be attending a fund raising event tomorrow for Meningitis after losing my grandson Kylo to this most dreadful illness.

So sorry for my rant.. i'm hurt & upset.

Take care of you x