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Grossology: Kid Rot (4,840 wds)

Grossology: Kid Rot
D’Arc Tangent

“Abby!” Ty Archer called down the hallway of Ringworm High School, where they attended classes, “What’s up sis?”

“Nothing. I was just going to spend the afternoon in the park.” Abby Archer replied.

“He’s gone, Abby, we looked, he is gone.”

“That’s not why I am going.” Abby said, and a slight sadness ran across her face as she remembered what her brother was insinuating. Chester was a new kid in school, and Abby liked him. Really liked him, but he changed. Mutated, actually, into the vengeful monster known as Kid Rot, until he was eventually buried in a pile of rot of his own creation. They searched for him for days, but never found his body. Their relationship soured over the years as Chester had mutated into Kid Rot, Still, Abby hoped for some closure. She had hoped to either make sure he was incarcerated, or … and her thoughts fell away at what might have happened.

“I am just going to clear my head. To get some fresh air, before The Director calls us in for another Grossology assignment. I have my communicator with me.” She said, as she held up her communication device.

“See you at home.” Ty called to her as he shut his locker and left.

It was still early summer, school was not yet out, but close, and the sun still stayed high in the sky, and warm. Abby walked through the park, and a slight chill came over her as she passed the area where the Department of Grossology fought the villain known as Kid Rot, but whom Abby will always remember fondly as Chester. The area has since been cleaned up. Fresh growth had started to grow back, grass, flowers, almost as if the battle never happened.

“But it did.” Abby said softly under her breath.

Movement caught Abby’s attention, and she looked toward the copse of tree, but she saw nothing. Shrugging she continued her walk, but she could not shake the feeling she was being watched. Frequently stopping to look around at the empty park, she subconsciously sped up her walk until she was home.

“How was your walk?” Petunia Archer, Abby’s mother, asked as Abby came in.

Abby paused slightly before she smiled at her mother and said, “Good. It was good.”

“Well, wash up. Supper’s almost ready.” her mother said, but as Abby went upstairs to wash up, Petunia called Tyler over, “What’s with Abby?”

“It’s the anniversary of Chester going away, and I think she is feeling a little down. She’ll get over it.” Ty said, making sure he did not tip his mother off to his and Abby’s double life as Grossology Agents.

“O.K.” Petunia said, “But you go wash up too. Do you know how many germs are on those game controllers?” and Ty assented, and ran upstairs to clean up as well.

Saturday morning shone through her window, waking Abigail up. She sat up, and stretched, the natural cotton of her nightshirt stretched against her full teenage breasts, puckering her nipples as the cotton rubber against her flesh. She slid off her bed, shaking the mile long auburn hair to fall around her face as she padded across the floor to the shower. She stripped off her nightshirt and unbleached cotton panties, and stepped under the warm spray of water. The water was relaxing, and helped to ease her mind of what happened yesterday at the park. Something troubled her, and the not knowing was the worst. She felt something, but what? Why? What had caused her distress? She saw nothing there, or did she? Her mind swirled, but the relaxing spray helped ease her sorrow, until she stepped out of the shower, towelled off, and tied her hair into her trademark ponytail, wrapped the towel around her body, and went back to her room.

Abby slowly dressed, the Rawganique® natural fibre bra and panties hugged her body, as she slipped into her cotton jeans, and crop knit top that just came below her breasts. A pair of cotton socks and woven hemp shoes and she was ready for the day. Bounding down the stairs, she called out, “Going to the park!” as she ran out the door before her mother could even answer, and hopped onto her bike. Abby rode up to the park, and again was overcome with a feeling that she was being watched, so she turned her bike onto the path and into the park, toward the trees. The trees were too close together to get her bike in, so she parked it at the bike rack, locked it up, and headed into the woods.

The trees were tall, and thick, and it wasn’t long until most of the sun was hidden and a peaceful shade came upon Abby, and although she could still see, it was considerably darker, and quiet, with just soft sounds of nature to keep her company. As she walked through the woods, the gloom got deeper and deeper, and she soon noticed the sounds were gone. No birds. No squirrels. No insects. There was no sound whatsoever, so Abby stopped and listened. She strained her hearing, trying to determine what caused the silence, when suddenly she heard the snapping of a twig, and her attention focused on the direction of the sound.

Abigail looked deep into the woods, and she saw movement. A shadow crossed the soft bed of fallen leaves, and she moved quietly across the woods to meet it. The shadow flitted across her view again and she changed direction to intercept.

“Who's there!” She called as she closed in on the sound, when a figure stepped out from the trees.

“Chester?” Abby said, as the figure loomed into view.

“Yes?” the tall, thin man said.

“Chester, it’s me, Abby, Abby Archer, from Ringworm High?”

“Why does that name sound familiar?” Chester asked.

“Three years ago, you came to Ringworm High, then, you had an accident, and, and we, we thought …" and Abby fell to her knees and put her face in her hands and cried.

Chester kneeled next to her, put his arm around her, and said, “What happened?”

Abby looked into his clear blue eyes and said, “You don’t remember?”

“I don’t remember a lot. I awoke a few days ago, and I was buried in the ground. I dug my way out, and all I really know is that my name is Chester. You are the first person I have seen, not that I was really looking. I have no idea why I was buried alive, or how long I was there, or why, but when you called my name, I somehow thought you might know.”

Abby’s mind swirled with thoughts. What should she tell him? Should she tell him her part in why he was buried in the ground, or even that he was a monster called Kid Rot, who had the ability to dissolve plants into organic matter, and started a crime spree, a crime spree aimed at killing her. Maybe this time she could change him, make him as he was, not the monster he became. Abby looked into his eyes, and smiled, stoked his hair out of his eyes, and said, “A monster named Kid Rot attacked the city, and you must have been an innocent by-stander. In the aftermath of the battle, many people were missing. We looked for them, and we most, but not all. You …" and Abby hung her head again, tears flowing before she looked up again and said, “You were one. We looked. I looked. I looked for you because we were friends, but we could not find you. We thought you were dead, and we moved on. I am so, so very sorry. I should have looked harder. I should never had given up. I am sorry I didn’t do more.”

Chester hugged Abby, pulling her head to his chest, and stroked her hair as he soothed her sorrow. He held her tight to his chest, and felt Abby’s sobs racking her body, and he held her closer, tighter. He ran his hand down her back, feeling the muscles beneath the fabric. Feeling the warmth of her body pressed against his, and he pulled away a little to look into her moist eyes, then without really knowing why, he kissed her, and more puzzling, she seemed to kiss him back. A moment later, he pulled away again, then hung his head and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that.”

“Before the attack by the monster, Kid Rot, we, we were, we kind of a thing.”

“We were?” Chester said.

“For a short while. We, we never even went on a date before, well before …"

“I died?”

Abby kissed him again, hard. The force of her kiss pushing Chester to the ground. She kneeled over him, her legs straddling his hips as Abby looked down at her old friend, and all her old emotions, the ones she felt, the ones she supressed once he turned into Kid Rot, everything just started to flood back to her. All the passion she thought she had lost when Chester mutated into Kid Rot came back so hard, so fast, she didn’t know how to handle it. As she tried desperately to slow her heartbeat, she slowly stood up, and offered her hand.

“I am so sorry Chester. I don’t know why I did that.”

“It is alright.” Chester said as he stood up, “It was a far nicer greeting than I expected. So, you and me, I guess, we were a thing?”

“We could have been. We started to, and then …"

“Yeah, I died, I get it. So, I guess it is lucky I didn’t.” and he smiled, then pulled Abby close to him, and held her tight. Chester stroked her hair, and ran his hand down her back. As his fingers played over the natural fabric, Abby’s shirt started to decay. The fibres withered under his fingers and the rot spread across her back, and within seconds her top had fallen in tatters. Abby moved back, shock in her eyes as she realized Kid Rot was still somewhere inside Chester.

“Oh my god, Abby, I am so sorry. I, I don’t know what happened. How it happened. Are you alright?”

“I am fine.” Abby said, “I don’t know what happened. Maybe,” and Abby quickly tried to piece together a reasonable lie, “Maybe when Kid Rot attacked you, and you were in, I guess, some kind of coma, for the last three years, maybe some of his power absorbed into you.”

“I am sorry Abby. I didn’t mean to, well, your top, is, well, it’s, but you have really nice breasts, fuck why did I say that, that sounded so stupid.”

“No. It’s alright.” Abby said, then smiling she added, “Thank you. You know,” and she turned away from him for a moment, then again turned to look at him and said, “I wouldn’t be embarrassed if you wanted to see more.”

“Really?” Chester said, looking warily at Abby, but hiding a smile behind his eyes as Abby reached behind and undid her bra. As she slid the natural fabric down her arms, her breasts spilled forward in perky mounds, and Abby laid back on her hands, her back arced so that Chester could more readily see her breasts. Chester stood, and unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to his ankles.

Abby saw the huge bulge under Chester’s underwear, and her eyes widened and she started to lick her lips. “Touch me.” She said, as she ran her hands over her crotch, “Right here.”

“But what if … what if that happens again?”

Abby smiled as she said, “Only way to find out.” and Abby laid on her back, and spread her legs. Chester dropped to his knees and reached out to Abby. His hands opened and he ran his fingers over the fleshy mound between her legs, and slowly the cotton denim started to blacken, the fibres started to thin, and slowly all the fabric started to tatter and dissolve, and fall away leaving only the natural fibre panties that hugged her body. “Giving you any ideas?” she teased.

Chester pulled off his underwear, and Abby smiled at the erection that he exposed. She quickly pushed off her panties, and tossed them to the side as she spread her legs open for Chester. Chester stripped off his shirt, and moved over Abby. He took his cock in his hand, and slowly slid it over her slit, up and down the crack to get her flowing. As her cunt started to glisten from her arousal, Chester slid his cock into her warm, moist slit, and Abby bit her bottom lips as he entered her. Her back arced automatically as he entered her, and she wrapped her legs around is body. Chester cupped Abby’s breasts, massaging them as he slowly thrust in and out of her wanting cunt. Her vagina was tight around his cock, and each thrust brought a tinge of pain, followed by a rush of pleasure as he thrusted faster and harder as he progressed.

Abby dug her nails into Chester’s back as he plunged deep into her. Each thrust excited her, and she kissed him, hard. Their tongues danced and each time he pushed deeper into her; Abby dug deeper into his back. Their bodies were slick with sweat, and blood dripped between her legs, and slicked Chester’s back as each one began to climax. White light exploded behind her eyes as Chester filled her with his hot seed, and her vagina closed around his throbbing cock and she pulled him to her, forcing him deeper into her and she screamed out, “Sweet Mother of God!” and they both expelled all their energies into that last orgasmic experience. Spent, they collapsed. Abby lay on her back, Chester's semen oozing out between her legs as he pulled out and rolled over to lay on the ground next to her.

It was an eternity that they lay there, in the gloom of the woods. It was now mid-afternoon, and soon it became apparent that the two were laying naked outdoors, and at any moment they could be discovered. Chester looked over at Abby, and said, “How will you get home? You can’t go home in just your bra and panties, not in the middle of the day.”

“It’s alright Chester. I will be alright. You have to leave though. Maybe I can contact your parent, let them know you are alive, and prepare them for your return. Are you OK with that?”

“Thank You Abby, for everything. For understanding me. Where do you want to meet once you have talked to my parent?”

“Why don’t we meet here, again, tomorrow, in the morning? Where will you stay until then?”

“I have been camping out behind the grocery store.” Chester said.

“I have to get some clothes, so give me 30 minutes and then meet me at my place, and I am sure I keep you safe for the night.” then she told Chester her address, and until he left, before activating her Grossology Costume, and returned to the Department of Grossology headquarters.

“Abby!” Lab Rat said as Abby walked into the headquarters, “I don’t recall the Director calling anyone in.”

“Didn’t.” Abby said as she passed by to the lockers, “Just need a change of clothes.”

“Knock yourself out. What’s up with Ty?”

“Don’t know. Haven’t seen him all day.” Abby called from the locker room as she deactivated her uniform. She stood in the locker room not far from The Gag Lab, where Lab Rat, also known as Paul, worked, in her natural fibre underwear, and opened her locker. She pulled out a pair of cut-off shorts and T-Shirt. As she was pulling down her shirt, Lab Rat came back, his head buried in his tablet as he said, “Were you at the park this week?”

“NO!” Abby said, a little louder than intended, then again, “No, no I haven’t, why?”

“I have been monitoring the foliage of the park, and I notice a few small patches of decay. I was curious if you saw anything if you had been there.”

“No, sorry Lab Rat, I have not.” Abby said as she quickly slammed her locker door,” Sorry, I have to go, but next time I am in the park, I will check to see if there is anything suspicious.”

Abby arrived to an empty home, her family being away for the day, and went up to her room to look out the window for Chester. When she saw him walk down the street, she called out to him, “Go around back.” she said, then quickly closed her window and rushed down the stairs. She opened the back door just as Chester was walking up to the deck. She grabbed his arm and hauled him into the house. “Stay quiet, and I will be back later.”

“Where are you going?’ Chester asked.

“To talk to your parents. To let them know you are still alive.” Abby said.

“Thank you, Abby.” Chester said, then hugged her. As he pulled back from her, their eyes met, and they both closed in for a kiss. Long and passionate, they held the kiss until they both new she had to go. As Abby started to leave, they held hands and as Abby moved away, she continued to touch him until finally they were too far away to maintain contact, as after Abby left, he closed the door behind her and leaned his back against the door, his fingers touching his lips as he remembered the feeling of Abby’s mouth on his.

Abby walked up to the door of Chester’s parents. The last time she was here, she did not appear as Abigail Archer, but as a Grossology Agent, to tell them the news of their son, how he fell in battle. Now, she was coming as a friend, to tell them their son has been found, alive. They knew about Kid Rot, and although he still had some of those powers, she was not going to bring up that pain again. She rang the doorbell.

“Abigail Archer?” Chester’s mother said as she opened the door.

“Chester’s mom.” Abby said, looking at her feet, then taking a deep breath she looked his mother in the eyes and blurted, “Chester’s alive.”

“What do you mean?” his mother said.

“I was in the park this morning, and, and I saw him.”

“Really?” Chester’s mother said, then, “Was he still Kid Rot?”

“No.” Abby lied, “He did not look like Kid Rot, he just looked like Chester had always looked.”

“Why hasn’t he come home?”

“He seems to have partial amnesia. He knows his name, but that is about it. I told him to wait until I told you before he came home, so you could be ready. Also, and I don’t know if this was the right thing to do, but I told him he was a victim of Kid Rot, not actually Kid Rot. I felt if he did not know about his past, maybe he could start over.”

“When he comes home, we will watch him, and get him help if he needs it.”

“He is at my house. I will bring him back in the morning.” Abby said, and Chester’s mother hugged her, and said, “Thank You. We will be ready for him in the morning.”

When Abby arrived home, her family was already home. Harvey Archer, Abby’s father, was in the backyard, barbecuing vegetables, while Petunia was making a salad while Tyler sat in the living room playing video games. Abby came into the house and hugged her mother, sneaking a tomato slice as she did so.

“I’m going up to my room, call me when supper is ready.” Abby said, as she sneaked a cucumber slice and headed upstairs. Abby Slowly opened her door and whispered, “Chester?”

Chester popped his up from the other side of her bed.

“Abby?” Chester whispered as Abby entered the room, and closed the door behind her, locking it as she leaned back against the closed door.

“I told your mother I would bring you home tomorrow, so as long as you stay quiet, you can sleep here tonight.”

“Where am I going to sleep? Do you have a cot or a sleeping bag or …" and as Chester was pondering the living conditions, Abby pulled off her shirt, and dove onto the bed, grabbing Chester’s face and kissing him. “Well, I guess that answers that question.” he said as Abby pulled away from the kiss.

Abby sat back on her feet on the bed and unhooked her bra.

“Don’t worry, as long as you can stay quiet, I am sure we can make this work.” Then she laid on her side, and invited Chester onto her bed with her. As they lay, kissing, Abby’s mother called from downstairs that supper was ready. Abby swung her feet over the edge of the bed, doing up her bra, and sliding her top back on. Twisting at her hips, she said, “I’ll be back a little later, and I will bring you some food.” then kissed him lightly on the mouth.

“Thank you.” Chester said, “I’ve literally been eating out of garbage cans for two days. On the plus side, we do waste a lot of good food.”

Abby kissed him again, then left, putting her fingers to her lips as she backed out of the bedroom and went down for dinner.

After dinner, Abby packed up some food in plastic containers.

“Where are you going with that?” her mother said, as Abby headed upstairs.

“Dinner was so good, I wanted to keep some in case I got hungry at night.” Abby said.

“Oh. OK.” Abby’s mother said as Abby ran up the stairs. Once in her bedroom, Abby sat on her bed as Chester Popped up from the floor.

“Did you bring food?” Chester asked as he sat on the bed next to Abby.

Abby smiled as she handed him the Tupperware® and a fork as she said, “Of course.”

Chester started shovelling food into his mouth as Abby laid out on the bed behind him.

“Do you remember anything that happened after Kid Rot attacked you?” Abby asked to the ceiling, her hands behind her head.

“Hmm?” Chester said, “Over a mouthful of food, “No, I just woke up, buried in the dirt, and dug myself out.”

“That must have been horrifying.” Abby said, as she sat up and moved beside Chester and put her arm around his shoulders.

“Not as horrifying as realizing you have no idea who you are, or where you are, or what has happened.”

Abby took the empty Tupperware from Chester and placed it on her night table.

“I will be here for you Chester.” Abby said, as she cupped his cheek, “I am going to help you.” and then she leaned in and kissed Chester, who opened his mouth to take hers, and he pulled her closer to him.

As they kissed, their mouths and tongues exploring each other, Abby lifted Chester’s shirt. They stopped their kissing long enough so that Abby could take off his shirt, then took hers off as well. She undid her bra as well, releasing her breasts to the cool evening air as her nipples puckered. Chester stood to take off his pants, and Abby laid back on the bed to slide her shorts and panties off, and lay on her back, legs slightly parted as she waited for Chester to kneel between her legs. He looked into her eyes, and Abby smiled, and nodded, and that was all the consent her needed, as he slid his erection into her. Abby gasped as she was stretched by the size of his cock, and the depth to which he was able to plunge into her.

Chester focused on pleasuring Abby, focusing on timing, thrusting, and holding himself back enough to get her to climax. Abby had struggle hard not to scream out in ecstasy as Chester plunged into her. She gripped the sheet, and bit her lower lip, and wrapped her legs around Chester until he finally let himself burst into her, filling Abby with his warm seed, and Abby, panting and sweating, her heart pounding in her chest, as her head swam with the feelings of pleasure coursing through her, collapsed on the bed, as Chester rolled over on his back.

“Fuck Chester, that was incredible.” Abby managed to whisper out, her head still in a fog, as Chester rolled onto his side, running the back of his fingers over Abby’s body, then kissing her softly, smiled and said, “Ready to go again?”

“Fuck, you are insatiable.” Abby said, “Being away for three years has done wonders for your stamina.” then she pushed him onto his back, and took his still erect and wet manhood in her mouth and sucked and stroked him.

“Abby?” her mother said through the door, “Are you alright baby?”

Abby put her finger to her lips to let Chester know to be quiet, then replied, “Yes mom. I just had a busy day. I am in bed.”

“Oh, OK dear, you get your sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.” and as Abby listened to her mother’s footsteps leaving, she straddled Chester again as she said, “Now, where were we?” and slid his cock into her wet and wanting cave.

Abby gulped as Chester’s cock entered her, filling her. His manhood stretched her vagina, and she winched and a small tear dripped from the corner of her eye.

“Fuck Chester.” Abby said, as she leaned forward, her hair falling forward and draping over his body as she leaned down to kiss him, her mouth wanting, her tongue seeking his as Chester cupped her breasts. Abby slowly started to move her hips, back and forth, stroking his cock with her cunt. Abby increased her stroking, slightly lifting and thrusting, her speed increasing as her kisses became more passionately aggressive, and Chester slid one hand to her clit, flicking her bean and sending sensations throughout her body until she could feel his warmth filling her, and his hot seed mingling with her cream as it oozed out between her legs, and she collapsed on his body, their sweat mingling as they each tasted the saltiness of each other’s bodies.

They slowly managed to pull themselves from each other, and crawled under the covers and fell fast asleep. The early morning sun warmed their bodies as Chester stretched the night from his tired muscles. As he slowly opened his eyes, Abby rolled over, her arms stretched over his chest, and turning slightly he pushed the hair out of her eyes as Abby blinked awake, and smiled.

“Did you have a good night?” Abby purred as she snuggled her head onto his chest.

Chester kissed the top of her head and leaning close to her ear, whispered, “I had a wonderful night.” and stroked her hair, then he kissed her lightly on the lips.

As Abby blinked, and smiled, she suddenly sat upright, the blankets falling from her body as she said, “Shit! It’s morning! We gotta get you outta here.” and she threw off her blankets and slid out of bed. As she grabbed a shirt, she noticed that Chester had morning wood, and her eyes widened. Abby dropped to her knees by the bed, and leaned over to take his cock in her mouth. She deep throated his cock; she stroked the shaft as she ran her tongue over the slit until she could feel the clear drop of precum forming on his head. She stroked his faster until he finally exploded in her mouth. “Hmm, breakfast of champions.” Abby said as she sat back on her heels and licked the salty drip from the corner of her mouth.

“Well, that was, that, that was like wow. Thank you, Abby, that was probably the nicest wake up I could have ever asked for.”

“Glad you like it, Woody, now get dressed, we have to take you home.”

“Do I have to? I can really get used to sleeping here.”

“Funny, but no. I promised your mother I would bring you home, but there is no reason we can’t still see each other.”

“I look forward to that, and you are right, we should get dressed and go.”

The two lovers dressed, and waited until they were alone, and snuck out of the house. It wasn’t too far to Chester’s house, and soon they were standing in front of his house. Taking their hands in each other’s, the two walked up to the door, took a deep breath, in unison, and rang the bell.