no name
2022-09-15 23:56:18 (UTC)


AAUGGHHH i hate multiple entries on the same day but whatever.

basically im staying hoem tomorrwow kahahaha
so im rewatching this security breach playthrough by imdontai (unfinished lololol) and its really reminding me of just how strange ppls sexualization/attraction to the characters is weird asf. but im also seeing that the appeal is their voices, plus the character lines and actions. freddy's voice is just built like that u know? he gives off...that** energy...

i have no way of explaining it, u either get it or u dont.

i am not into that p word stuff, miss me with that specifically.

i'll either genshin or uhhh illustrate after this, /after the list actually
uhmmmm :))) FAAAANNFFFFIIIIIIII-------