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2022-09-15 22:48:00 (UTC)

hisss RAOR

(honestly just ignore that last entry if u read it at all, it was a small ... it was a thing)

I have completely evolved since my last post and my 3 world views have been altered.
I don't owe it to anyone to fit their personal beauty standards, body neutrality for the win.
If I somehow gain a desire for control over useless coping mechanisms, I mean, if I somehow end up losing my taste for the food we have, can you really blame me? Nope.

why do i come back and say all of this? I still have drawings and stickers i want to make, game playthroughs to binge, hilarious streams to remember, and shows to watch (cuz i am not in the mood for manga these past few months, too many words with too many drawings, my mind is like, just PICK ONE FORM OF EXPRESSION as my eyes strain to take in everything on the screen).

xmas list

im still staying off socials tho. except for utube.

acting even slightly interested in wtf is going on at school just prolongs my day, keep it monotonous and short