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I Hate Middle School
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2022-09-12 12:21:17 (UTC)

Really Really Bored


I'm so bored it's unreal! I have things to do and responsibilities to fulfill, I just simply refuse to. I'm too bored to find something to do lol. I've got music playing in my headphones and games I can play but they're not really entertaining. It's also only a Tuesday even though it feels like a Friday so that's nice. Maybe it's just 'cause I don't have much homework. Speaking of homework, in my and Riley's math class we get the same questions with the same answers so we've agreed to split the homework in two. I do half and she does half then we show each other our work and the answers each night and that way we only do half the work. Maybe 2/3 of the work since we still have to write it all down and enter it. Either way, it's very convenient and time-saving. I'm glad Riley ain't no snitch lol. Plus, it's motivation to get it done. The fact that we're only doing half the work paired with the need to not let the other person down makes great productivity!

A few nights ago was really bad but ended up really nice. It started with me losing my Invisalign a few days prior to this. Once finally deciding to look for it I couldn't locate it. After asking my mom she said she didn't care anymore and to do whatever I wanted so I just grabbed the next tray. Well, apparently my mom didn't like that so she took it back and we both searched the house up and down for my liners. We didn't find it so once my mom mellowed out a bit she asked me if I had really lost them or if I'd just thrown them out. I lied and said that I'd thrown them out at lunch. She got mad that I'd "lied to her" and made her look all over for it and I just said that I didn't know why I felt the need to lie. I ended up crying then going to bed. But instead of sleeping-sleeping I was up on my Chromebook. Well, I had left one of my favorite stuffed animals on the couch and the lock on my door is broken so she just silently barged in and caught me. After taking my phone away and yelling she decided to just lay down with me. We had a half hour long conversation that felt like it went on forever. We hugged and cried and had deep conversations about how I'm scared of annoying my friends. It ended with her taking my Invisalign, having me say "fuck Invisalign" with her, and promising that I can just get normal braces and that we won't ever even have to think about it again. I love my mom. I wish I could have hugged her forever.

It's pride again and I'm bored again. I feel kinda shitty today. Not as bad as I've ever felt but I just feel kinda depressed. I woke up and just felt like wearing pajamas all day. Obviously I can't do that but I can do the next best thing. I've got sweatpants and a comfy sweatshirt on, with minimal makeup. Well, my version of minimal makeup anyway. Just consealer and some eyeshadow. I also finally remembered my glasses so that's nice. Ummmmm... We had a math test today. Idk how well I did but I'm relatively confident in my abilities. I've also heard that Social Studdies is going to be fun today. I guess we're doing some sort of resource management and/or money management. Something to do with the age of exploration and new settlements. That's in an hour or two though so I'll have to wait. At least I'm done with the annoying part of the day. By that I mean Language Arts and Math. I like reading and writing but only when I chose at least the genre or pace or topic. Math just sucks. I enjoy the occasional algebraic expression but not 30 in one night almost every night!

I was supposed to meet Olivia's boyfriend today since he was going to sit at our table with us but apparently his friends going through something rn so I'll have to wait. I forget what his real name is but I know his last name is Moos so everyone calls him Moose. According to Olivia, he's funny, tall, and afraid of Noah. I mean, I can see why since Noah's real loud and has an eccentric personality but still. I hate to be like this but he sounds like a pussy. At least compared to everyone else I know. Scared of Noah? Okay...

I'm gonna cut this one short, Next entry'll be more interesting. Buh bye!

~ Gentleman