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2022-09-13 21:43:00 (UTC)

I’ll manage

Asked google how to eat less (I don’t make real meals so I end up just eating a whole bunch of unhealthy snacks throughout the day bc my family isn’t into cooking meals rn but we’re also not eating out during the week much, anyways all the snacking makes me feel bad and then when I do try to get a food that’s more filling, I’m too full to eat it so I figure I’m just eating to eat and not eating to satisfy hunger, which is wasting food and I don’t like that and it makes me guilty and feel bad about my eating habits so) google told me to just drink water.

So every time I have an urge, I’ll pour myself a cup of water. And then when hunger actually does dawn on me, I’ll…idk. All I can think is to eat some crackers cuz none of the stuff we have is appetizing. Maybe eat some meatballs— ah no they’re all gone. *Sigh*

At least I’m sleeping earlier.
-redo quiz
-pretend they aren’t there just as we aren’t here
-I wanna draw…