Evolving marriage
2022-09-11 05:04:30 (UTC)

Naughty Student

Dear Diary,
I have been wanting to type an entry for days now but them Im too tired mentally to even pour it out.

So this will be a quick version for now.

Im on the road, midway to my family homestead, staying in Co with my gf. Got in last night, spent the day with her hubby, teenage sons, and their friends came over for dinner. Great food, red wine, sitting outside laughing and talking at sunset. Was really nice.

I leave in the am to head to my ending point. Gonna get a hotel for a few nights and see about starting to cleanup and arrange the place and unload my stuff, want to see if I can find a bed frame in town that doesnt need a box spring while Im here for the mattress I got, Ill check facebook marketplace there also.

We had some really fun sexual play just before I left. We had edibles, I was online talking to a guy and talking about our partners interests/fantasies. and it dawned on me, my husband doesnt say much, but was he does say is comments about role play and role play attire he looks at online and I havent taken sharp notice of that, so I went to the bedroom and put on a tight white tank top, blue cheerleader type skirt and the white knee socks with a red and white stripe at the top and came out, started the naughty student scenario again we did once before and hims as the Professor. Im still trying to get bad marks off my grades, and he is telling me Im not learning my lesson, I had to remove his shorts as he told me and pull them off myself, he wouldnt help me, then his boxers. And then sit on his lap.... He really played into the fantasy talk like a pro, its nice to see him respond and just dive in with me, made it really fun. I could type so much more, but Im so tired, so Im just sayin, we had a lot of fun together for 2 hrs, then he got a text his old boss was almost to our place, she and her daughter, so they got in after 10pm and we saw them into their place.

I left for my trip that next am and met them at the coffee shop on my way out, hubby and the boss lady and her daughter all went to the Nat park for the day to hike. She left today and he told me "She left us 2 30mg edibles and a joint"

the edibles we have are 10mg. So should be interesting. Im not a fan of smoking it though, smoking anything and the smells.

SO yeah, I am having a good time, much more I could write, but I think Im gonna pass out soon.