Up All Night
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2022-09-13 02:49:25 (UTC)


The owner of the nursing home I used to live in called me white trash all the time . Another reason I couldn't wait to get out of that place ...

My brother's don't have a problem with their money like I do. They have enough. My brother buys me groceries from time to time.

They also used to get on my case about being ugly ... The nursing home people did. Looking back, I don't think I looked as ugly as they say ... I didn't have any self confidence at the time though and it bothered me a lot. I met a lady there that was so against me that she used to stalk me around town and online. I blocked her on Facebook many times and she kept coming back with different names or a friend's account. I have called her a bully. I have been bullied quite often. I had a psychiatrist tell me that I'm not assertive enough. Heh. My last payee, before this new one, wanted me kept in restraints ... and I'm not getting a lobotomy any times soon either ... I will do that self care every day. I need to work on getting more clothes ...