Up All Night
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2022-09-13 02:23:18 (UTC)


I have two pairs of combat boots that I'm quite fond of. One pair is knee high and the other is calf high. I get compliments on the boots when I wear them. I have a lot of cute items in my wardrobe.

Today I spent most of the day looking at clothes and makeup. I have a choice next pay day ... Do I save the money from this pay day ....? Do I buy food, do laundry or buy something new to wear? Or make another payment on my credit?

I choose food.

I will have to wash a few things by hand to get me through until next pay day. I must do my laundry ... I don't have any clean towels and I need to shower and change my clothes every day ... There's even a reminder on the whiteboard about self care.

Tomorrow I will do everything on the whiteboard except TR. I need to get back into that. I have to talk to my case manager about it.

I haven't showered in three days. I feel crummy and look unkempt. I'm going to take a shower before I go to bed tonight and another in the morning before I dress for the day.