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I Hate Middle School
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2022-09-06 09:30:22 (UTC)

Scheduled A Thing, Did A Thing, Wtf?


Thank you to my friends who responded to my last entry. You guys don't know how much you mean to me. Reading your messages every day is something I always have to look forward to <3

Ummmmmm... I have my first appointment with my therapist today I guess. I don't know much about her, all I know is that I'm seeing her in person and that she looks like a 2000's emo who grew up but never grew out of the style. I'm both excited and nervous. I guess I'll be seeing her once a week and we just kind of talk? I'm not entirely sure what they do. I hope she's nice though, cause I had a choice. I could either go with Emma's old counselor who she said was really good but I could only meet online. Or I could take a chance with this counselor and see her in person. Obviously, I chose in-person counseling but I hope it was the right choice. I guess we'll see by the end of this entry though.

In the meantime, Katie is having me read her book again and I really don't know what to do. How do I nicely tell her that I have zero interest in her alfa beta werewolf fiction??? Like, I don't seriously judge people for what they like, do what you like, but that doesn't mean I have to like it too. Right? And I've been telling my mom about this (not the wolf ranks part lol) and she's telling me that I need to learn how to say no since I keep agreeing to read her things. And I also agreed to sit by her for 6 hours straight on the school trip to DC later this year when I didn't want to do that. I really do love Katie, she's one of my friends so of course I do, but she's a bit overbearing. I know that's rich coming from me but idk... I like joking around and taking each others things and reading each others fiction but I feel like there's a difference because she takes my stuff and doesn't give it back (like when she took my goldfish crackers, ate them all, and spilled my candy everywhere without even saying sorry). And I'll read a bit of fiction but she writes it constantly and expects me to move my plans around so I can read her thing asap. I should be reading it rn like she asked me to but I just can't. I've been trying to tell her that I don't like reading this stuff this often or this fast but she INSISTS and I feel like a bad friend if I say no. This girl needs to find an editor who actually likes her genre. Someone who reads and watches the fandoms she's into and likes the content she makes!

Soooooo I'm back from the therapist's place and I have to say, I think I made the right choice. She was very friendly and everything she said made much more sense than any other therapist I've had. She also made me feel a lot more comfortable compared to my old therapists. She even asked me what hobbies I had and said that maybe we could play board games, cards, or even draw in there. She also offered book suggestions if I like to read and so many other things! I think this is gunna work out well. She looks a lot different than I remembered from the photo though, she's actually a blonde and skinnier than the picture but maybe I'm remembering the wrong lady. Either way I really like her.

I'm feeling pretty good today! Nothing special happened, I just feel good. I started off the day by doing some cute makeup and putting in my new fluffy sweater, next the bus was late so Jacey and I walked over to Kiarras bus stop and messed around, then I went to choir and was more or less forced to be the leader after nobody else wanted to and I made everyone introduce themselves and asked some basic questions like their favorite fruit or music genre. Now I'm in language arts and listening to an energetic playlist while writing here. Tonight I'm supposed to go to the skate station with Riley, Kiarra, and Jacey too! I'm so excited.

Aww shit! Guess what Katie asked me? Not to read another one of her books, that's for sure. She asked me what I'd say if one of my friends said they had a crush on me. She asked me that a year ago too but I thought Olivia asked her to so I don't know if she's just genuinely interested in my opinion or interested in me... AAAA then she flat out asked if I liked her and when I asked what she meant she just said that I'll see. WTF!? What do I do? I don't want to upset her but she's so pushy and what if she makes me think I like her. Note to self: YOU DO NOT LIKE KATIE! She's an awesome friend, sure, but I wouldn't date her. I should probably go now... Pray for me!

~ Gentleman