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2022-09-10 19:27:00 (UTC)

face face face face face

I hate my face I’m going to kill myself why tf do I look like that?
It’s animalistic really. It should be impossible. Illegal. Why th do i look like that. It isn’t fair and it isn’t bearable. I can’t live like this.

Now I understand why I had those moments of such hate and disgust it’s really really bad. I can’t believe I was born to look like this. I don’t think I can wait for a glow up, this just isn’t right. I can’t do it. I won’t do it. I should just drop out of school and abandon that church work. I’ll just stay home under my covers and pretend that this body doesn’t exist. It isn’t fair and im not going outside with a face like this. It’s an insult to my pride. I can’t bear to go outside with a face like this on. Even with half my face covered I feel like a fudging creature. 😂I want to carve my face off of my skull 💀 it isn’t right and I won’t deal with it what do I do?

I look so disgusting in that video it makes me want to die. This isn’t normal🤢 none of what I just saw was normal. I should just kill myself while it’s only this bad right? I don’t think I’ll survive another glance in the mirror. It isn’t right. I hate my genes. I hate my face. I hate this body. And I hate my brain. I’d rather be unconscious. I’d rather not be able to think. I’d rather be unaware. Brain fogged. Idc. I just don’t want to be able to see what I’m seeing and feel how I’m feeling.

Fudging ew. Ew ewwwwweww ew ew a
Why didn’t they just throw me in the trash when i was born. Why make me grow up just to look like this? What a waste of time.

Think. How can I fix this? Die? It seems like the best solution at hand. Wearing oversized clothes won’t hide everything I want to hide. Staying home isn’t an option they won’t let me. I’m not doing makeup I’m too lazy and I’m my features are just fudging done for anyway so what’s the point. Right. What’s the point. What’s the point in even trying to look good like this. Might as well die.
It isn’t fair.

I think that. I think that I should turn my brain off. As best as I can.