Evolving marriage
2022-09-09 00:17:44 (UTC)

Your a Mystery

Dear Diary,
Its cloudy out with a breeze. Woke up around 5am and noticed the AC sounded strange, and wasnt blowing cold air, turned it off and could hear a fan belt or blade or something clanging as it wound down. Its not the part outside so its in the basement where the main part of the unit is. So we kept the house closed up today to not get to warm, but now with the clouds, its just fine, didnt really need an AC much today just running the ceiling fans, and thankfully the heat is starting to drop little by little.

I spent some time and shaved, salt scrub, fascia blaster, then did the skin scrubber(electronic device that has ultrasonic type cleaning for your face) and I tinted my lashes and eyebrows so I wont have to worry about wearing mascara or anything for a few wks, always makes my eyes pop more too. So Im feeling pretty good, washed my hair, put on a summer dress, lotioned up, feeling good. And then Im going to mow lawns tomm! Ha what timing.... oh well.

Waiting for hubby to get off work and looks like we are going to finish off the soup we have left and make some grilled cheese to go with it. Was gonna make pasta but then realized I had the soup to finish off in the large pan I wanted for the pasta.

We watched an horrible 80s porn last night that someone told me about, it was hilarious, so badly acted, edited, the set, the actors, you name it. But as a result found this other one on this classic movies website, and we loved it! Loved the actress in the second skit, will have to see what her name is, sorta has a classic Hollywood look to her and the style of her dress. Ill try and post a link at the end of the entry for it if I remember

My big sis called last nite, I didnt take the call as we were on the couch together watching the movie. Shes usually working eves, the movie had some great BJ scenes, so after the first vignette and into the second, I reached over and told him to take off his belt. And he got his own personal experience while watching. He said "Your going to make me cum" I just said Mmmhmmm and thats my usual and I keep going.

He said last night in bed to me "I never knew you were so dirty, your such a mystery to me" I said "I am?? How so?" He said "I just didnt ever think we would be watching pornos and doing the stuff we do together" and I said "Well what did you think I only ever wanted Vanilla Sex?" he makes fun of me and says Yep. This is always who I have been inside its just free to come out now and feels good. When I was shaving today in the shower he was nearby and I asked for his help to shave the upper back of my thighs below my rear end, he replied "Oh is this for your boyfriend on your trip?" He ribs me like that.....

Over dinner last night he said "The other night, when you were on the floor after the BJ, you had my cum drooling down your chin and on your breast, that was really hot" HE NOTICED! Someone suggested that and I tried it, he didnt say a word afterwards, but a day later he did. :) Whoever suggested that to me, thank you.

Well gonna go start dinner, made me packing list for my trip, so maybe Ill dig out some of these items this eve if Im not distracted.