Slowly descending into madness
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2022-09-09 05:10:16 (UTC)

Aye I feel good

It's 5:11 and I'm actually feeling good. My period is going to start after 3/4 days and I'm scared but right now there's no mood swing. I feel good. I feel better than before.

If I keep feeling good like this, I won't order hashbrownies. The whole point of weed is not doing anything stupid. If I'm fine without it, I don't need it.

Right now, I'm at peace with myself. I feel like everything's going to be fine again. It's okay. I don't have to kill myself. And I'm amazed like... Is this how feeling good feels like? Half of the month I'm in manic depression with a dash of suicidal tendencies, the other half I'm too excited about nothing. It feels too euphoric like, happiness is hitting me like a truck. So this peace kind of thing, this is something new. Insane how my hormones control me.

Oh, I found my bag today. With everything intact. It was a good day. It rained again. It felt good laying on the grass. This is the kind of life I want.