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2022-09-08 04:49:34 (UTC)

I stopped caring

I get these text messages… they are from groups I genuinely care about and support, or have in the past. I just got a text from someone I don’t know who says “I’m sorry…” that’s as far as I got.

No he’s not. He is absolutely doing this on purpose… asking for money. He’s trying to squeeze a donation because of this or that arbitrary deadline. Anything to make me think I’m extra special for giving money to this or that.

The problem is, I stopped caring about the cause. They have effectively numbed me to the assault rifle ban cause or the school shooting things… these things are abhorrent to me, and I’m not asking for debate… it’s just that if you pepper me with what ends up being spam, I’m going to probably end up blocking you… even though I honestly do with there was stronger legislation on assault weapons… or harsher penal for child abusers. I saw a meme today that stated that we put a dog down for attacking a child. Why not put people down too? Well… I never said I was opposed to the death penalty. I think it should be done differently though. That’s a different discussion.