Slowly descending into madness
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2022-09-08 02:18:25 (UTC)


I had an interesting day. Got drenched in the rain while coming back from university. It felt light. It felt good. But then I found out I lost my handbag. And I had house key, keys to my drawers, vape, sunglasses, and lipstick there. So I'm pretty devastated right now.

Sushmit bhaia is slipping away from work. He says he's going to get on it on weekends. I sincerely hope so. I have mids going on too. I'm under a lot of pressure. But these days, I'm doing okay. I guess I have to be under a lot of pressure to function normally.

I had my first cigarette after February yesterday, with tea after the first mid. I swear man, life suddenly became bright and happy. Insane what wonders cigarettes can do. I felt a lot less stressed. Imagine stopping to smoke for a man, never again. When I get my bag back, I'm fixing the coil of my vape first things first in sha Allah.