Evolving marriage
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2022-09-07 16:49:34 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Well last night was a total surprise! I asked him again around dinner if he wanted to do anything, he said he was good, so no big deal, I was off doing my own thing and finishing of a shake from the other nite I put in the freezer, peanut butter shake, with real peanut butter swirled! He said he was jealous and said he was going out to get one, and stop by the bakery for me to get some cookies. I had just showered and was in a robe and online and then got up to the bedroom to get dressed when he got home, he came in the bedroom as I was naked standing facing the closet and came up behind me and grabbed my nipples, I figured just some fun light touches and a kiss, but no. He walked away, took his clothes off and came back behind me, still facing in the closet, and pressed himself into me as I bent over slightly. I said to him "But I was going to please you tonight?" and he said "Oh you are pleasing me" and he just fucked me, silly, we were not high either. I moved over to the bed bent over and he just kept at me, and reached under me, grabbing my breasts, then grabbed my shoulders to brace himself, then grabbed the crop and the flogger and teased my backside with both, I was so turned on they didnt even give me any sensation hardly, felt like taps on my skin. Then turned over on my back and he pressed into me and fucked me for awhile that way, then paused and said hed be right back. He got this Vegas dildo, its really wavy curved and the sensations over the humps is great! Then another monster creature one and alternated, really brief with those and then thrusted himself back into me. I said I felt I had to pee, it was getting uncomfortable, and I ran to the bathroom, barely had to go and realized he was hitting my gspot squirting sensation with all he was doing.

He fucked me for a good long while, I was out of it, exhausted, hed pull my body and legs close into him periodically, wow, but the thrust of him after the toy was incredible. I literally was truly fucked silly. He used one toy on me along with his cock and inserted both into my pussy at the same time, gave me a DVP for a good long while and I was so wet and squirting you could hear the moisture in the movement and it turned me on even more, he said how he loved the sound. I said "Are you trying to make me not leave?" and he said "Yes, you dont need to go, there wont be my cock there for you" haha, love it

Orgasms galore and I was tired and he had no cum yet, he was pouring sweat, and standing in front of me and said I needed to get on top, I was too exhausted myself so I just let my body slide off the bed between his legs and took him in my mouth, while reaching under the bed for the box of black gloves, put one on, grabbed his cock with the latex to let him know whats coming, he loves the feel and look of the black, says its so dirty, and I ran my finger up between his legs and grabbed some coconut oil and lubed his ass and inserted a finger in as I sucked his cock on the floor between his legs, he gets so turned on and vocal and animalistic when I do this, I love it. I did the come hither mixed with rough movement back and forth of that finger sliding in and out. He was so swollen in my mouth I could hardly breathe and had to pull out a few times so I didnt choke on it, he made a comment "Get that back in your mouth" and I did as he said, hearing him say such things is a turn on as hes not been that way in all our time together so its nice to hear him express himself. He ended up cumming as I held him in my mouth, i let it drool out some of it, I was so dazed myself sitting there, and swallowed some and cleaned up. I couldnt get up off the floor, I just sat there and asked for a drink, when he came back I was laying on the floor on my stomach, so out of it, I couldnt get up, I was fucked silly and then just took him in my mouth for an intense oral session and fingering his ass, I was spent but also in a bit of sub space I realized, he left the room, came back with my drink, a cookie and laid down on the floor next to me and held me....

I said "I am not happy about turning 50, saying that number, but wow, who knew this is what sex would be like at 50?"

He took good care of me last night and as we laid on the floor together, I said 'Its nice not to be on the floor crying and fighting this time" he agreed.

But we didnt realize how intense sessions can affect you emotionally and you can have a meltdown if you dont take care of yourself afterwards. Now we know better.

Was a hot sexy evening and totally unexpected, I said "I dont even know who you are anymore" is my joking ribbing of him as this is so not his norm, and I like it. Hes getting more confident in himself and the amount of sex we are having, he did take a pill for sunday,, didnt ask him if he took one yesterday but my guess is yes because of how long he went at it and how swollen he was.

Hes patting himself on the back today, I gave him the gold star approval.