Lost for words at times
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2022-09-07 15:05:33 (UTC)

Holy Moly! New Shoe's🙀

I'm a huge disappointment to myself.
I was bored this morning. So l rang a friend and we went out over to the next town to have a look around and grab some lunch.

It started raining so we sought refuge in River Island clothing store. Holy moly l don't know how it happen's, but.. l brought more stuff🙀 a pair of lovely opened toed sock boot's. I simply couldn't resist. They're exactly what l was looking for all along😽. l could blame the weather l guess. For if it hadn't of rained, l wouldn't of been in there.

In all honesty l am trying to justify my purchase. Thank god, l don't have anyone like a husband or boyfriend to answer too, only myself. I'm no good at controlling my spending than l am with anything else going on in my life. I need to learn to say NO! But the boots are cute and me does like them alot. l bet they will kill my feets. Nevermind, l will worry about that later. Aleast l have a handbag to go with them already. So that's another worry off my mind.

I also bumped into the head bar man from the pub that l used to go in with manchild. That was before l was lifetime barred over the incident back Febuary 20th/ 21st. He said he thought the landlord handled the situation wrongly. He nolonger works there anymore either. He too is lifetime barred over a trival fall out with the landlord. The landlord is horrible man. l dreaded going in there to be honest, being molested by him, infront of everyone including his tacky wife. And him thinking that was acceptable, bloody dirty ole man. Shudders at the very thought!

I might have to also buy Machine Head's new album ØF KINGDØM AND CRØWN. They have a cd with bonus tracks EXTERØCEPTIØN and ARRØWS IN WØRDS FRØM THE SKY (ACOUSTIC) which isn't on bloody spotify. How ever will l manage😽🤣🤘

My grandchildren by my daughter returned back to school today. She sent me the normal back to school picture's. They all looked amazing kitted out in their new school uniforms. Love them.

Anyway, i'm feeling kinda tired after my exertion's of today. I need a nana nap me thinks.

Grateful for
Having loving memories of Kylo💗🕊
Family and friends
Online friend 'K'🖤
Kudo's to Fussy cat man😽
Kudo's to my online Counselor🙄💕