A lifetime of pain and healing
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2022-09-07 03:49:56 (UTC)

Don't have a title

So I talked to my mom today.. she sent me to go see if her ex was with another woman and honestly I hoped to catch him with one. Deep down I know it wouldn't matter. After I seen he wasn't with one I realized I had took the bait again. So he calls her and she hung up on him so he drives to where she is staying to fight with her about his whereabouts all day. Well in my absence because I've been at school and work apparently now they are going to counseling together. That completely infuriates me. They are both seeing other people while seeing each other apparently. She still isn't living with him as of now. You know those Facebook videos that say what did you think was normal and found out later wasn't .. I feel like this whole situation is one of those moments. I feel like I'm just sitting on my mom's shoulder trying to steer her the right way in life and she is just doing the opposite. My aunt is tired of hearing it and dealing with my mom's ex so she is now trying to talk her into going back to him without telling my mom she can't stay with her. So I guess would it be wrong of me to just cut her off if she goes back to him? I know how abusive he is just as well as she does and she is telling me she wants to go back to him. It's driving me crazy.