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2022-09-06 22:49:00 (UTC)


animal documentaries

I'll leave these activities to future me.
-picrew and fleshing of characters in this archive thingy
-this mbti thing
-those vids and rage's twitch cod stream
-uhhh the rest of that genshin quest
-chios school road (didnt watch any today bc i got carried away with everything else i did, plus i took a nap)
-garlic sticks cuz that mess will persist...
-asking abt the cake which has yet to be frozen

im not hungry s ima just like...sleep. staying up seems to result in back problems, headache, fatigue, and lack of awareness (or just being somewhat out of it more than usual).

as for homework:
-reword the persuasive thing
-complete the pretest
-work on timeline assignment

other stuff:
-wash hands AGAIN before leaving