Up All Night
2022-09-07 00:45:24 (UTC)


Went to the doctor today. Did everything that's on the whiteboard except a chore and TR. I did take out the trash, but I'm not counting that. I still need to clean my floors and bathroom.

Went to the library after doctor office. I picked up a Stephen King book called the Bazaar of Bad Dreams and also picked out four issues of Vogue. I'll take my library stuff back when I go back for my flu shot on the 26th. I'll read everything by then

When I was standing there waiting for my ride home, this guy named James walked up to me and gave me a hug, kissed my cheek then felt of my tits and crotch. I wasn't pleased with the way he was behaving. He called me later on to tell me he loved me. I don't have a relationship with him. He is just an acquaintance. He's homeless. If I see him on the 26th I might buy him something to eat. He's got to be starving.