Evolving marriage
2022-09-06 22:29:51 (UTC)

Pool and Rear Grabs

Dear Diary,
Well I went to bed about 3am, woke up at 8am.

Im still coming off the edible, I only ate half but it was a diff one, so I just feel super chill and lovey, my husband was so sweet as I walked out of the bedroom, I have to walk thru his office to go to the bathroom, and was in a tank top and underwear and he just went Mmm mmm mm when I walked by, made me smile. I came back and sat on his lap and gave him kisses. Was really nice, soft, sexy and tender.

Ran to the pharmacy to get my prescription, watered some plants that are toasted from the 100 degree weather, and then moved the vehicle to start loading for my trip. Husband helped me get everything out, put the seats down, and loaded the AC window unit and mini fridge, have to get the boxed new mattress back in, have many more items, but just the big stuff is where I have to start, can pack everything else around it, hope the bed fits! I have a foot and headboard and side rails, super cool antique wood one.

Husband came out at his break in the dining room and I came up and wrapped my arms around him from behind and hugged him and massaged his ass cheek, deeper, he just stood there, we were dead silent, sorta zoned out together, I rubbed closer to his ass, then switched to the other cheek, he didnt leave or make a sound, I turned sideways and said "Do you need the front and back massage?" and rubbed him over his shorts in the front also. I moved back around to his backside and rubbed his ass some more and said in his ear "Do you need me to bend you over in the bedroom?" he replied how nice that sounded and hed let me know, he went back to his office, checked his computer, came back and said hed love to but he had messages, was hoping he wouldnt but might take me up on it later.

I went back outside, I got this inflatable pool awhile ago I saw on Instagram posts, its a decent size! For adults even, I can fully stretch out in it, was super cheap too! So I set it up with the air blower, just filled it, let it warm up a bit in the sun, then Im going in! I have had it sitting in the box, so I should use for the few days before I leave, get a neat tan line. Id go nude but we dont have the best privacy from neighbors around us.

Having fun chats with others, will wait till the sun starts to go down later to work on loading more of the vehicle, and not sure if husband is going to get his fun time experience, its up to him if he redeems that voucher from me. Otherwise, the edible should be out of my system by this eve, and then I can be more focused, write up my to do list and go thru everything Im taking.

Stopping in Co for a night, I might actually do 2 nights if I can get the hotel I stayed in last time, it was so nice and I loved it! Why stress myself out, take my time, we shall see.