just venting my depression and problems
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2022-09-06 18:08:26 (UTC)

day 1

hi. today i was bored, i came home early from school, and to be fair it didnt really cahnge anything, today i was thinking about how , like, my depression is nothing compared to other ppl's, i get easily depressed because my parents have a tiny bit of small financial issues and im akward, in the edge of being a shut-in, and actor [ or something like that, i always have to act in front of other ppl, its getting really tiringm i just dont want them to worry about me]
im also very tired, because of insomnia and shit, so like, i cant concentrate well in class, which leads to shitty grades, now me being me, im an associal and akward fuck, and i cannot speak to other ppl, i have difficulties speaking to ppl or at least, i struggle a lot with building relationships, for the past 4 years i havent had a close friend, or any friendships that lasted more than 2 months, i dont know what to do, im tired, and i just want to die