Lost for words at times
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2022-09-06 19:01:10 (UTC)

My Mood Today :- Happyish

My mood today :- happyish with a side serving of annoyance at ones self.

Whatever was l thinking buying all this unnecessary stuff?
So the vast majority of my hoard sold on Ebay. Never ever again will l buy something that l don't actually want or need. I spent nearly 5 hours wrapping this junk up to then cart it to the post office like a pack horse. To hog the queue, for all the little ole dear's to be moaning about all my packages. I wanted to give them a death stare to shut them up. They have no idea of my ordeal this morning. They could of used self serve๐Ÿ˜พmind you so could i've done, but l left my glasses at home so l couldn't.

I spoke to my daughter yesterday, who is coming down next weekend to attend Daniel's fundraising day for meningitis. It will be great seeing my other grandchildren and catching up with my daughter as she lives miles away from me and l don't get to see them as often as l would like.

I spoke to my youngest son aswell yesterday. It's difficult to judge how he is doing after losing 'Kylo'. He seem's to be focusing on his job as a PT trainer. Plus he has just taken on part time job aswell. I don't know how he can work 7 days a week. No doubt, it's his way of dealing with his grief of losing his precious son.

Dilemma :- it's my second eldest son's birthday in 10 day's time. He will be 37. We fell out around the time Kylo passed away, he said some absolutely disgusting thing's to me. Thing's a child shouldn't be saying to his mother. Yet, he is a man and should know better. My dilemma is should l be the better person. Should l buy him a birthday card ? To reach out to him. I know he is my son but l don't know if l can ever bring myself to forgive him for what he said, but saying that l am his mother.

Anyway, enough for now.

Until next time, take care of you x

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