Evolving marriage
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2022-09-06 06:42:34 (UTC)

Lets do it again

Dear Diary,
Just hanging out on the couch, its almost 1am. Slept about 2 hrs this eve earlier while watching a movie.

We ended up having sex this eve, he talked like it was gonna happen, and it didnt, then later after I awoke I brought it up and we went to the bedroom but the vibe just wasnt there, I was about to get up and he pulled me close and kissed my cleavage and I then pulled down my tank top with an invitation to suck my nipple, and that he did! Oh hell yes, so good. He knows how to bite it just a teensy tiny to drive me wild with just a little nip and then increase the pressure. He got all turned so I got on top of him and rode him for a bit, but my thrusters were exhausted, yesterday took a lot out of me.

He got up and walked around my side of the bed, for me to get on my back edge of the mattress and him enter me that way. He said "I dont have much gas in the tank left, but we will see how this goes" and he did just great and he did cum on my abdomen. Yesterday was abdomen and inner thigh. I never used to be into him cum, seeing it and where it lands, its still a bit odd to touch, slimey sensation, but Im better at this stuff, progress right?

I then got the toy and vibrated and he fingered me to Orgasm.

Nice wknd we had.