Up All Night
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2022-09-05 17:25:08 (UTC)


I was born in Illinois. My parents moved me and my sister to Northern California when I was three-years-old. I lived in Northern Califoirnia until I was 28. California was paradise to me. I love the beaches.

When I turned 28 I went to New York to meet a friend. I could not find a job and was out of money. I wound up calling my father and he came and picked me up in New York. I was homeless with my dear little eight-year-old son with me.

We moved in with my father, in Kentucky. I've been here ever since. My son is 36 now and lives in another city. I never see him and miss him so much. My father died. I miss him too.

I rarely see my brother because he has such a busy life. My brother has bought me food on occasion, when I run out of money. I love him so much. I never see my oldest brother and sister. I miss them. I miss having my family around me so much.

I was married for a short time to a man I met online. This was way before Facebook and even HTML. Our marriage didn't work out. So I'm done with that. I still have his last name.