Evolving marriage
2022-09-05 07:12:15 (UTC)

Sex Marathon Sunday

Dear Diary,

Well the day got much better after my last entry. Just hung out and hubby came in to chat with me after a shower and coffee, I needed to eat something to, but we have some fun convos, we talk about sex topics all the time now, its kinda cool you know? Some stuff I cant believe we talk about at times, some of its just fantasy or for fun, hypothetical type stuff.

He told me wanted to fuck me again and he had plans. I like hearing that!

He told me to come to the bedroom mid afternoon, he fucked me and used another sleeve on me.

Let me just say, Sunday? I was fucked so many times, more then the norm for him, 2 of them he used himself, a sleeve, a dildo, alternating. You know like Im getting multiple dicks, and they have names and they have a go at me, but its all done by my guy and I love it.

How on earth did we end up like this? I mean seriously!???

By the eve, he said he wasnt done with me, and pulled me back in this eve around 8 or so, and said he was going to use a toy on me and see if his refractory period would be up, see if he himself would be ready to go. He was touching me and massaging me with coconut oil. I had put some on my hand and stroked his cock slowly as he was touching me, well he perked up pretty quick, and lets just say it felt like I was being fucked for over an hour with alternating didlos and himself. It was orgasm central today,,, because of all the long time thrusting and penetration, Im noticing how sensitive I get inside, way way more then usual as to any movement he makes is pleasurable and I feel like Im just riding a long continuous wave with him when he does this type of thing.

I tell him how good he makes me feel, how much I love his cock, how he fucks me so good, how this pussy is his and to fuck it.... on and on, and way into the last part of being on my back, edge of the bed, him standing and fucking the shit out of me, for well over an hour, I swear! Edibles make you able to go longer sometimes and he took a pill today he said, because I said "What has gotten into you Mr Husband?" Im not complaining but hes not one for several rounds in the same day.

I started to cry again tears pouring down my face as hes over me fucking me looking down on me, telling me how much he loves my pussy and Im just crying telling him How much I love him.

I mean seriously, we are all hot and fucking and in another breath we are telling one another how good we feel and how much we love one another and just going back and forth with this banter between me losing it and not being able to talk with orgasms or diff types of thrusting that make it too hard to talk.

I just went deep inside myself, mentally, let go of everything around me or that could stress me out and just sink into the mattress like butter and enjoy, loose myself, take it all in and ride the orgasmic wave it takes me through.

Life is too short, I dont have a guarantee he will be with me tomm (I hate to say that type of thing) but make the most of life, its so short, truly it is, and we spend so much time of it living worried about what other people think as a reason for us not to truly live.

Yes my husband and I are home a lot together now, we always were, but we hung out separate a lot, and when we came together? We would talk or cuddle, but nothing like now and the sex!

So he has tomm off for the holiday, I forgot it was a holiday as we have been cooped up together indoors. So tomm we are going to BBQ burgers.

Our guests check out tomm also, so Ill get everything cleaned up, before my trip.

I ended up hearing from the older guy from the chat site who said he was sorry and got carried away last night, we had our regular cool chat that I adore with him and he said tonight he had better go before he gets out of hand like the night prior. And I appreciated that.

He was shot down all wknd for sex, felt bad for him with wife, he had looking forward to the wknd all wk, sigh, not everyone strikes a homerun.

I dont take for granted one min the amazing gift Ive been given over the last yr to just be able to have sex with my husband so much its insane.

Oh and I was going in for a mega blow job this afternoon, and I was so into it, I get aroused heavily sometimes while doing it, close to orgasmic, and I just was taking him in so deep. Into my throat, holding him there and then closing my lips around the base as close to his body as possible and just closing my lips, covering my teeth, and just clamping down as close to him and as deep as I could go, kept at it and had to take a breath to breath and go back in, well at one point I hit my gag reflex as to where I almost puked! Oh , never done that before, I know it happens, I hopped up and laughed and cleaned off and went and got a drink, he said I gave it a valiant effort and how good it was. And we just roll with it, not everything is always a homerun, but did you have fun trying? Was it pleasurable? Yes!

And that is all that counts, so please, Love one another, life is too short, and if your situation sucks, there is a new life out there waiting for you if your willing to step out into the big scary unknown, you can find some wonderful again