Up All Night
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2022-09-05 03:14:58 (UTC)


So ... My weight has gone up and down over the years. I've been skinny and I've been fat. Four years ago I was a size 8 and now I'm a 1X, plus size now. Probably the schizophrenia is the reason I haven't kept my weight down consistently. And I love food.

Size eight was fun. I could find designer stuff second hand easily. Could always find clothing that fit and it looked good on me. I was shopping at a fashion consignment shop. I spent a lot of time putting a wardrobe together. Wound up having to throw everything away when I was evicted during my breakdown. It's a shame ... I had a lot of cute stuff. I spent a lot of time looking at clothes. I still do, but now I'm a 1X. On Shein, sometimes a 2X or 3X, depending on what the measurements of the garment is. But I don't think I look good in what I wear now. Just a shapeless blob. I want to lose the weight.

Kinda tired of eating nothing but salads but need to cut carbs a little. Because I want to lose weight and am also a diabetic.

By the time I lose the weight all the cute things in my current wardrobe will be wore out and I'll need new smaller stuff. If I manage to lose the weight. I will donate the good stuff somewhere. The key is keeping the weight consistently off. I want to be back down to a size eight by the time I'm sixty. I'm 56.