Up All Night
2022-09-04 22:27:11 (UTC)

My Childhood

My childhood was great. I can't blame anything on my childhood. I really enjoyed myself when I was a kid. Rode the nice bike my father bought for me. Played with all of the exspensive toys. I realize they spent a lot of money on me because I've had my own child. He's 36.

The problem was with me. I started acting weird and cutting school when I was eleven. My parents, no matter what they did, could not keep me in school. I started having trouble with my memory and had a hard time with math. I still have not memorized my times tables. Little did they know, I was schizophrenic. I wasn't diagnosed until 2007. I'm now 56. If they would've had the meds back then, that they have now ... I would've done better all around. My mother was schizophrenic. I must've inheirited the genes for it from her.