Up All Night
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2022-09-04 22:06:57 (UTC)

Chili and More

Tonight for dinner I made soupy chili. Put some veggies in it this time. Ate the chili with crackers. It was so good. Tomorrow I'll eat the leftovers for dinner. Dinner was the only meal I ate today.

In the freezer I have salmon fillets, a steak and chicken. I have a whole bunch of cans of soup and some canned veggies, including tomatoes. I still have some zuccini and cucumbers, luncheon meats, cheese, milk and eggs. Crackers. Peanut butter and jelly. This food has to last me the next eight days, before I get my weekly money again. It's a lot. I don't think I can eat it all in the next eight days. Oh yes, and I still have a bag of potatos and some onions. One night next week I'm going to make fried potatoes and onions - have it with a salmon fillet. And I still have hot dogs and buns. Plenty of food. This should last me for a bit.

My online friend says I seem like I'm enjoying myself. Yes I do.

My sister-in-law bought me a water filtering pitcher and some water glasses, so I will drink more water. I'd been drinking diet sodas instead of water.

I need to scrape the money together to take my laundry to the laundromat. I counted outfits in my closet and I have just enough to get me through until next pay day. It'll cost me about 20.00 to wash the clothes I need to wash. I picked some out. It'll take two paydays to do all of them. I don't have a washer and dryer. If I had hookups for machines my brother would buy me a washer and dryer. I have to walk to the laundromat with the clothes in my little push cart.

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