Slowly descending into madness
2022-09-05 03:11:07 (UTC)

Stalkerish behaviour??

Story time bois

So I have an Instagram account I barely use. I only use it when I feel like reserving some memories so I can look back whenever I want. And truth to be told, I hate using FB as well. I'm just here for internship offers and other job offers. Naile eitao use kortam na.

Ok so, my insta account is v public. I like it this way. I feel like a minor celebrity even.

So there's this guy, he's friends with my ex. He studies in the same university as me. He and I, we never talked. Not added on any social media. Never had an encounter in real life.

Every freaking time I post a story, he's in the little list of the people who have seen me doing bs shit. Like every goddamn story. From pritom Hasan to Rafa concert. From me cooking to me posting poetic shit. He sees everything. Which bothers me is, he's not in my followers list. That means he actually looks me up frequently. And by frequently I mean, every single day. And he never misses a story.

This is like super weird. I've let my ex know this and he was like, ya it's super weird. Do you want me to talk to him? I'm like nah man it's fine. Then I see this dude do the same thing again.

I don't think even penguin, the man once claimed he loves me puts that much effort to stalk me. Like, wtf.