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2022-09-04 14:45:00 (UTC)

Today I should’ve slept in. They wouldn’t’ve let me anyway

Weight is a strange thing.
As is posture.
And family.
And strangers called family.
And dirty restaurants.
And mood swings.
And body insecurity.
And failed attempts at self reassurance.
Food too, especially food at a dirty nasty disgusting sticky restaurant that your family loves going to for some reason.
Imagination is strange too. Imaginary scenarios about running away from nasty restaurants are super strange.
The way you fit into dresses is strange too.
The way you look in your body is strange as well.
And probably the internet. Strange internet that never helps me utilize escapism when I need it most.
Or people. The strangest things of all. Guilt tripping. joy inducing. Comfort or discomfort causing. People.
Socializing is strange too.

Everything is so strange.
Especially when I know I won’t do anything to fix it.
I want to sleep for a long time. Until all these strange things go away. Maybe I’m the strangest of all these oddities.