Evolving marriage
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2022-09-03 13:00:34 (UTC)

Late Niter BJ

Dear Diary,
Its super early, well just now hitting 7am sun isnt fully risen yet over the mountain. Husband is sleeping soundly, I got up to use the rest room and brush my teeth and felt like writing in my diary before I crawl back in bed with him.

I made us soup for dinner, sausage, veggies, bone broth, and we had half a loaf of fresh bread from the bakery so sliced that up with butter. We needed a home cooked meal as we have eaten out a lot this past wk. He was decompressing from work. I was fascinated by some of the chat people Ive encountered. A 29 yr old guy who sounds like a teenager who kept trying to talk sexy stories with him which felt ick as hes close to age of my son. I kept him at bay and then asked him what he was into(outside of sex stuff) He reads Scientific Journals, he sounds totally Nerdy? Aspie? Like a stunted guy living in moms basement whos never had a gf and the other sex is like a foreign alien. And he was so eager to have someone to talk to.

So we had our dinner and went to the couch, had our fun time edible, Choco banana one, my husband loves these ones, he picked them out outline and I got them in Co during my last trip. We just now finally tried them.

I read some of our book, we are on the Desire chapter.

Oh and about yesterday and the guy jerking off while talking to me, there was no cam, no pic swapping, no cyber sex typing, he just kept saying he was high and horny and stroking and Id just keep talking about other stuff and make fun of him, he was so enthusiastic I sent him some bedroom pop songs, he got horny just from those, saying they sounded orgasmic! haha, He was feeling his edible, and then next thing you know he says SUCCESS and has to go. It was like he got off just knowing I was on the other end but I wasnt saying I was doing anything sexually, other then making fun of and being on the other end.

So yeah, I cant take credit for that

One guy said "Your building a fan club on here" ? I have made friends with 3 guys on their now? Wouldnt call it a fan club, okay 4 guys, and then I was sharing with my husband about the young guy (will write more on him later) and he said later on the couch "You have a fan club" How wild someone else just said that.

So we got on the couch, I read, then we camped out, listened to some music, were getting a little touchy lovey feely next to one another, I put stockings on and he had been caressing them and my legs and I was just zoned out, he then asked if I could remove them so he could rub my leg and feet, I said sure. Well I passed out! And he did also shortly after. It was early, I was up since 1am the night before, so I was tired. Got in bed after some cleanup and he soon followed, and we laid there talking for a bit, Grendel, I was reading him your diary and we discussed your situation, :) I then moved to stroking and rubbing his cock and Clinical banter "I notice there is a reaction occurring here, I need to further investigage" type banter.

He mentioned something about sex, and I said I would love too, but my body was so tired (id have to get on top and thrust as he cant do that himself yet since knee surgery,) and I also didnt want to deal with getting the special blanket and the mess from period sex when Im exhausted tired. So I suggested a blow job and he happily obliged and removed his boxers. I did my snuggle in sideways method, have him turn sideways and slide myself down and nestle into his groin. I get in their and suck and swirl my tongue around and I pulsate with the sucking, and move down deep like Im wiggling my mouth in as deep as I can go, then licking the back of his shaft. I reached out to grab his ass near the crack and he moaned a little, and then I reached up to his nipple, grabbing and squeezing hard and he was getting there, he soon came and I just held him in my mouth as he did. I was happy, I felt I have complete the task at hand and Im a happy girl too with some of him remaining in my mouth, I did let much of it drool out. Some days Im gung ho to swallow, others my gag reflex sets in so I have to pull back and keep him my mouth just not let it hit my gag reflex. He soon was asleep again and me soon to follow. Nothing more was required, we were both content. We have the rest of the wknd still! The morning is young!

So Ill go get myself back in bad with him and snuggle.

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