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2022-09-02 20:04:00 (UTC)

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I’m an idiot for thinking it would make me feel better. If anything I feel worse. Should’ve just scrolled through social media bruh, just doing that for 5 minutes just cured some of that lethargic feeling cuz of the memes.

🤦 I’m bout to pull a ABL on this.
GONE GONE GONE GONE DISPELLED BEGONE DONE DONE GROSS BYE NAHHH NEVER AGAIN if I think abt it as being the same as a f-word (not that one and def not that one) then Ill rly avoid it. I can’t go back to that. I won’t go back.

I’ll revisit this topic at another age.
That one….eh. Makes sense not to since I won’t get anywhere with it. But…eh let’s put it like this: if I can’t imagine myself in that sort of situation and be chill with it, then I won’t imagine it at all.

We do not horn here.