Evolving marriage
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2022-09-02 16:27:27 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I didnt fall back asleep last night. I ended up masturbating in bed beside him, he was OUT OUT, didnt even wake, haha.... I was hoping Id exhaust myself to sleep, but nope!

Im still coming off a high this am, crawled back in bed with him the hour before work, and just talked some sexy talk. Kissed and a little touch before he had to be on his way.

So I am getting to know some folks on this site Im on, and a guy got off while talking to me,,, wow I havent heard of that happening since I was in my 20s on AOL.

LOL I feel so used, I barely said anything we were more discussing a sexual topic, well and he tried an edible just before talking to me, hes never gotten high off them and I told him I was the same first 2 times, he said "REally?" and how i read some people it takes 3 tries for it to kick in. Well it kicked in, and I was sending him trippy music vids to watch. He was so wound up! haha

Ah men are so simple and easy sometimes, I wish I could cum that easily.

Need to get up, go finish up the rental, quick run thru with the vacuum , guests come in this eve.

Gonna vacuum out the car too so its all nice and spiffy for my trip, always nice to leave in a clean car.

Well time to get a move on, wknd ahead and probably our last sexy time wknd before my trip!