Evolving marriage
2022-09-01 21:17:47 (UTC)

Lovey Time

Dear Diary,
Well I crashed out for a few hrs after writing yesterday. Woke up and husband went and got us Pizzas! I havent had pizza in a long time as we dont each much bread. But it was one of those days. And it was tasty and garlic bread parm bombs with it!

We hung out on the couch together, He ended up taking one of the edibles after work, these were a banana chocolate bar one, we had never tried before. Best tasting one so far! And it worked pretty good. I told him "Its really insane to watch a pussy massage while on edibles, its incredible" , as I came upon some video of a pussy massage, and then went down a rabbit hole of vids just pointed there and giving the woman a massage and orgasms, oooo nice. Husband said he was curious so I put it on and we watched together, a few vids on the couch, him sitting up and me laying against him sideways on the sectional. He began to rub my nipples as we watched, and I was so relaxed, I just sank into it. I was all turned on and he made some comment and we ended up going to the bedroom to have sex, as I told him on the advice of a guy on a forum to say "Im a bad girl and I need to be treated like one" well he liked hearing that, and I told him I wanted to feel stuffed. He said "Well okay then" so the period thing went out the window and actually it wasnt bad and messy so that was good! He fucked me as I laid on my back on the edge of the bed for awhile and it felt so good. He had a sleeve out, a larger one and in a heating pad, a tip he learned, so it was nice and warm. It was tapping the inside of me when he put it on and inserted it, so I needed a little room to work the head in fully, but wow it has a big head! It was the Mailman I believe he said as far as sleeves goes. We went at it for quite awhile, and then I had my legs up fully almost straight by his face each side of his neck, the more closed my legs were together, the more amazing it felt and I began to cum so hard he said I almost kicked him in the face! He said "I know youve got one more in you" and kept going, omgosh I was exhausted! And I just rode with it, and got a second wind at some point to move more. We ended up cumming together! Woohoo! Been awhile since thats happened!

We were beat, went and cleaned up, had a slice of Pizza and showered off, got back in bed together and just snuggled up, it was about 10:30 and I told him how good he felt, and he said he had to make it up to me for the last time and hopes he redeemed himself. Of course he did. Wow, the bed and my new pillow felt so good and just being snuggled up to him, he passed out draped over me and I was on my phone chatting some. I ended up putting headphones on, a podcast and I was out, but I woke several times just snuggling up to him and moaning as he felt so good. Im very moany on edibles when I sleep, like Im just moving and snuggling and it feels so good, and I just kept nuzzling up to him, eventually had to get up to use the bathroom and rubbed his back, his thighs massaged them, scratched his back with my finger nails, just loving all over him as hes sleeping. And eventually turned back over, my rear against his and passed back out till this am.

I have taken a few naughty pics for him lately, I never did that before, I didnt want any naked pics of me out there, well Im not naked, just dressed with some teasing areas showing. So I have some newer ones to send him, maybe ill do it on my trip and send him some regularly as a surprise. We shall see!

Today I got up and felt wonderful, just a great feeling this am, went outside and washed the vehicle. Did some watering and pulling some weeds here and there. My big sis took work off so spoke to her this afternoon some.

Well husband is logging off from work, gotta go!