Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2022-09-01 04:00:27 (UTC)


I started this group on Facebook to support writers. Most of the original people were independent writers. We’re not signed and don’t necessarily intend to try and publish through the big five or sub series of smaller companies. The thing is, these comps don’t pay well and expect the author to do 95% of the work while they reap 85% of the profits. All the marketing comes out of the author’s budget, so the 15% really equates to pennies.

Anyway, one person in the group posted an answer to a question I asked the group. “Why should I do something.” As a promotional thing… what are the stats that make this a reasonable thing to do. Well she answered, “Do it…”

I talked to one of the other members, a moderator, and asked her opinion. We were of like mine and I friggin let loose. Maybe I was in a mood… but honestly if you tell me to do something, I’m going to ask why. Don’t ever think I’m not going to question the reason.

Of course today was a weird shit day for me otherwise. I probably had a lot of anger in me built up. That’s not a story I’ll tell here though… not today. I need to settle on what my sister said and what she did to me. Then I can purge. But right now, I’m still pissed. I was gracious in the moment, but honestly I’m hurt. She harmed my real with both my parents because she lied to them about me. Today she told me.

She cleared her conscience. She gave me reason to not trust her again.

And that woman in the group got the acid throwing version of me.