Darc Tangent

2022-08-31 18:04:55 (UTC)

POP Rocks: Tasters Choice (2,259 wds)

Pop Rocks: Tasters Choice
D’Arc Tangent

Jules lay on her bed, Olivia Rodrigo playing on her MP3 Player. Her legs were stretched out and her hands were behind her head as she drifted off to the beats of her favourite artist this week. She was looking at her phone. Mateo had sent her a picture of himself with his dog. He was so cute. Mateo, although the dog was adorable as well, and she lay there staring at Mateo’s picture when she heard the downstairs door close, and stomping footsteps coming up the stairs.

Loretta burst into the room, tossing her backpack across the room into the corner, and hit the ON switch of her CD Player. Aerosmith’s Walk This Way blasted Olivia out of the room as she flopped onto her bed, the chains on her leather jacket jangling as she kicked her multi-coloured sneakers off to land with a thud at the foot of her bed.

“Do you mind, Loretta?” Jules said over the noise emanating from her sister's side of the room.

“Put your headphones on.” Loretta said.

“You put yours on. I was listening to my music first.”

“But yours is crap. What recycled pop shit are you listening to today?”

“It’s Olivia …"

“Don’t care. Next week you will be listening to some other crap. Stick your headphones on and give true musicians a chance.”

“You mean has-beens? Seriously, no one has listed the that shit in forty years. This is the wave of the music industry now.” Jules countered, “I may change artist from time to time.”

“Try every week.” Loretta interjected.

“But it is because they have diversity. Your crap doesn’t change. No one has produced anything new since before you were born.”

“My bands have staying power. Their music is timeless. They don’t have to produce new content every week because their music …" and her phone PINGED, “Hold on.” and Loretta looked at her phone and smiled. “Mateo sent me a picture of his dog.”

“He sent me the same. So cute.” Jules said.

“So cute.” Loretta said, “Anyway, my music resonates with people over multiple generations.”

“Don’t care. It’s old. It’s stagnant, and I don’t want to listen to it. Put your headphones on, and leave me alone.” Jules barked at her.

“Why don’t you put your headphones on and leave me alone.” Loretta shot back, when suddenly there was a sound from downstairs.

“Jules!” a voice called out, “Loretta? Are you home? Your door was unlocked.”

“Mateo!” the girls said in unison, then also together, they shouted down, “Upstairs.”

Mateo was a tall young man. He was smart, but not nerdy, and was on the football team, and very attractive. He reached the top of the stairs and popped his head into the girl's bedroom.

“You ladies decent?” he said, smiling. He always said that when he came up, thinking he was being funny. “Are you two still arguing about music?”

Again, in unison, “But her music sucks!” the two said.

“Well, why don’t you both sing me one of your favourite songs, and I will see which one sounds better.”

“But all our instruments are in the basement.” the girls said in unison.

“You know, if I didn’t already know you two were twins, this speaking at the same time pretty much clinches it.” Mateo said.

The three friends moved into the basement, where they had set up a small stage, microphones, recording equipment, and lights. Jules's synthesizer was set up stage left, whereas Loretta’s guitar stand and amplifier was stage right. On either side of the stage were screens. Actually, privacy screens that have been recommissioned as off-stage waiting areas, “the wings”, so to speak, but behind these screens were loose clothing that have been discarded from various performances and never picked up and put in their place.

Loretta sat in a chair in her off-stage area, and watched her sister ready her song. Jules wasn’t wearing shoes, but had on calf-high socks, and her naked legs disappeared under the mid-thigh length denim skirt. The multi-coloured patchwork denim jack covered her tie-dyed cotton shirt. Her hair was pulled up into a long Arianna Grande-like pony-tail that tended to swing back and forth when she played. She ran her fingers across her synthesizer, getting a feel for the notes, limbering up her fingers, before she started her song. Only a few notes into the music she belted out, “We were speeding together down the dark avenues.” Mateo smiled at the song, a few years old, but still pretty good, and with “But besides all the stardom, all we got was the blues.” and even Loretta was grooving to the sounds of Nomy’s song. Loretta watched Mateo as he seemed to be enjoying the music, but more so, he was watching Jules, really watching her, like she was the only one in the room, and something dark stirred in her. As Jules was playing her song, Loretta found an old leather skirt in the pile of clothes on the floor, slipped in on, then, while Jules was getting into the rhythm of the song, and not paying the least amount of attention to anyone, or anything, Loretta slipped off her pants, mimicking her sister’s look, but with a more hard-rock spin. As she peered around the screen, she could see that Mateo was enjoying the show, and thought to herself, “Fuck-it” and slipped her cotton panties off.

“Go big, or go home.” she thought to herself as she slid her panties under the pile of clothes so they would not be noticed.

Once Jules was finished her song, Mateo stood up and clapped.

“That was awesome Jules.” He said, then hugged her as he said, “You are amazing.”

“Well she is not THAT amazing.” Loretta said, “It’s just the same recycled crap that was built upon the backs of true artists, like Heart.” she admonished as she plugged in her guitar and started to strum the mellow cords of ‘Crazy on You’ before kicking it into the high energy body of the song. As she played, she did her best Nancy Wilson-esque back-bed, her knees almost on the floor, as she spread her legs and let Mateo get a glimpse of what she was not wearing. Mateo’s mouth opened, but his eyes never left Loretta’s body. Jules watched from the wings, puzzled at Mateo’s deep attention to her sister. Sure Heart was solid, but they were old, their music stale and dry, nothing that should enrapture his attention the way it did. That was when Jules noticed that Loretta and changed into a leather skirt, and her Nancy Wilson act might have exposed her, her … “Shit!” Jules said under her breath. Moving out of the view, she took off her jacket, and her tie-dyed t-shirt, and to hell with it, her bra as well, and piled them out of the way before putting her denim jacket back on, and did up a single button about mid-way up. When Loretta was finished, Jules pushed her way onto the stage before Mateo could make any acknowledgement of her performance, and said, “You want female angst, you need Tee Swift!” Jules said, and started the opening notes of I Knew You Were Trouble. Loretta sat in a chair next to Mateo.

As she did her best Taylor Swift strut, she turned her back to the audience, and undid the button so that as she spun back around, her jacket opened just enough to entice Mateo, and shock Loretta. Mateo smiled, which pissed off Loretta to no end.

“Hey!” she said, as she pulled Mateo’s attention to her, and slipped off her leather jacket, “You like boobies?” she said as she stripped off her Black Sabbath T-shirt, exposing her tight black lace bra, “I got boobies!” she said.

Jules stopped her playing and jumped down from the stage.

“Hey, I thought this was a MUSIC contest!” she yelled at Loretta, then turning to Mateo she unzipped her skirt as she said, “You think because this Nancy Wilson wannabe shows you her vijayjay,” and her skirt fell to the ground, “That makes her a better talent than this!” and she pulled her pink lacey panties to the side so that Mateo could see the glistening pink slit. Mateo was confused. He thought he was making a decision between music genres, and here he was in the middle of a sex-war between his two friends.

“You want to experience something?” Loretta said as she undid her bra as well, and pulled Mateo’s face to her plump round buds. Mateo’s mouth opened and he took her nipple between his lips and pulled. Loretta gasped at the sensation, and Jules slipped her pink thong panties off, and spread her legs.

“Try this.” she said, and Mateo stopped sucking Loretta’s breast, and slipped his tongue into Jules slit. Jules held his head in place as he ate her. Loretta was furious at this, stood up, grabbed Mateo by the collar of his shirt, and pulled him from between Jules’ legs.

“Strip!” she commanded, and Mateo looked at Jules, who smiled, then at Loretta who said, “Well?”

Mateo pulled his t-shirt over his head as Loretta frustratingly said, “Oh for fuck's sake.” and dropped to her knees, and undid Mateo’s pants and pulled them down, underwear and all, and her eyes widened at the size of his erection, before taking the whole thing in her mouth. Her tongue played over the swollen head, sliding along the slit until Mateo shuddered. She stroked his shaft, and cupped his balls as Mateo moaned from the pleasure.

“Like hell I’m letting her win!” Jules said, as she slipped off her jacket and plunged Mateo’s face into her breasts. As Mateo sucked Jules breasts, she guided his hand between her legs into the wet, pink slit, and bit her lower lip as his fingers entered her.

Loretta pushed herself forward just enough for Mateo to have to lay back onto the floor, trying not to let his fingers slip out of Jules pussy, as Loretta slid his huge, throbbing cock into her. There was a sharp pain as Mateo broke through her virginity, then a flood of warmth as his cock filled her. Jules pulled away from Mateo’s fingers, and straddled his face, lowering her glistening wet vagina over his mouth, and Mateo did not need guidance for this, grasping her hips he held Jules in place as he again started to eat her pussy. Jules’ body shook from the pleasure as she stared into the glassy eyed face of her sister, who was obviously about to cum from Mateo’s cock, and at this moment, her argument with Loretta was the last thing on her mind as she leaned forward and kissed her sister hard on the mouth.

Loretta’s eyes widened, then her lids felt heavy, as she caressed Jules’ breasts, and Jules in turned, fondled Loretta’s breast. The two pleasured each other, even as Mateo pleasured them both, until Loretta pulled back, a gurgling cry escaping her lips as Mateo came, filling her with his seed, even as Jules dripped her sweet nectar into Mateo’s mouth. The two sisters tipped to the side, climbing off Mateo as his cock slipped out of Loretta, still hard.

“You have enough in you to switch?” the girls said in unison, and Mateo just nodded, his ability to speak momentarily gone, and Loretta straddled his head, as Jules slid his still rock-hard cock into her wet cave, and the two sisters started kissing and fondling each other again, as Jules rode Mateo hard, and he plunged his tongue deep into Loretta’s pussy. When Mateo finally came again, spending the last amount of strength left in his body, the girls slid off him, each laying on one side of him, panting, all three of them sweating, their skin glowing and glistening, their chests heaving from the exertion.

“So, who won?” the girls said again, in unison.

“This talking at the same time is getting creepy.” Mateo said, but then added, “Both. Loretta, you are all confidence and power. You know what you want, and you go for it, like your music. Power and confidence, but Jules,” and he smiled at her, “what you lack in power, you make for in sheer inventiveness and innovation. You adapt, you change, you do what you need to get where you want to go. Don’t you see? Don’t you both see? Each one is right, in their own way, for themselves, but it doesn’t take away from the other.” then he stretched out, placed his hands behind his head, smiling, and said, “But anytime you want to have this argument, I will be happy to officiate. This was fun.”

“So, again?” they said, in unison, then looking at each other laughed as they both said, “Yeah, we gotta stop doing this.”

“Let me catch my breath.” Mateo said, “Then I am sure we can have this argument all over again.”

“So you don’t mind if we pleasure each other while you rest?” the twins said again.

“Are we still alone?” Mateo said, and the two girls stopped, and listened, then together they said, “Yes.”

“Then let me get some juice to re-hydrate, then you two can pleasure yourselves all you want until I am ready for you again.”

“Deal.” they said together, and Mateo, naked, padded up the stairs to the kitchen as the sisters formed the sixty-nine position as Mateo sat in the chair and watch.