Evolving marriage
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2022-08-31 20:18:24 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Im in bed with a headache, been battling one back for 3 days, and I got my period so I typically get one the day before my period and Im also super horny and sensitive down there!

Anyways, I took an edible to see if it will make it go away. The Advil has helped but it keeps coming back. I also have put on a tiny testosterone in case its from that.

So Im probably going to fall asleep, Im all cozy in bed with the ZeroG going

We had an argument last night, well it wasnt supposed to be one but he gets all out there when I try to have detailed sex convos, then it started again this am just before he went to work. So starting my day out emotional and crying and the night before didnt help either with a headache.

He did come out and we had a real talk finally during his work break and I think we have made up, its like Im trying to explain something, he hears something else in my words, and its negative, writes that onto me and what Im saying and hes wrong, and I say NOOO thats not what I meant, then hes attacking me verbally blah blah

Well he came in and talked to me today... so I think we are back in a good space

Im too long without an orgasm from him, Saturday am was the last time. I know not that far away, but at our almost daily rate we were going at, its got some lulls in it and then we had a crazy Monday night that started in hot sex but I was left without getting off in the end, and I dont count alone with my vibrator in the same category. I get more out of being with him and the feeling from him. Not an object. Then I get my flippin period, so thats means I will probably not do much in the next 2 heavier days, which we can and often do, but ideally it doesnt make me feel sexy today,

Okay Im feeling the edible, so enough for now