thenamelessone's diary
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2022-08-31 01:06:35 (UTC)

August 30

Today I had a photoshoot with Poppy. I’ve known her for a while, we had a photoshoot last year, and the year before that. We get along really well in person, but online she’s pretty unreliable. She takes a lot of time to respond, or sometimes doesn’t even respond, which makes it hard and frustrating to set up a shoot. Usually I can’t even discuss everything with her that I wanted to before the shoot. It’s strange because in person we communicate well, and she’s nice, we get along, I like her. And it’s not like she’s not eager to do it. She’s enthusiastic in person, I can see that she likes modeling, enjoys herself, and even online it’s apparent that she’s happy that I asked her for the shoot. And she always shows up, and in time, so she’s reliable in that regard. I think it’s just how she is online. Which is very common among girls, a lot of them are like this among the girls I talk to. And the photos are so good that we make with Poppy, I love them, they’re among my favorites. Which is a bit surprising because I’m the only photographer that ever shot her, but I like her pictures more than the ones I did with experienced models. Neither of us pays the other, we do it because we like to do it and for the pictures.

So we met at the park, the same place where we were with Alice, but I tried to use different compositions. It was a fun shoot, I enjoyed it, and I think her too. And I think the photos are fantastic, I’m curious how they’ll turn out once I edit them. She came with her boyfriend, which I didn’t know in advance, and they asked if we can make one or two photos with the two of them. But I suggested that we make more than a few and they agreed. Since the photos I took with Chloe and Hannah not long ago were so good, I wanted to try a girl-boy couple photoshoot also, so this was a good opportunity. So we made the most photos of Poppy alone, but we also made quite a few with the two of them. Originally they only wanted these couple photos for themselves, but I also like these very much, so I think I’m gonna also put some of these on Instagram if they agree and I’m sure they will.

This was a long photoshoot, but it didn’t seem so at the time, because I enjoyed myself so much. I only realised at the end how long it was, and how many photos we took.