The Queen

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2022-08-31 01:19:07 (UTC)

Ar - ajeeb

Why'd you ask me where am i applying though?
And silly me, what part of my trauma makes me leave my brain in a corner.

Like if i do go to that place. Who knows who'd kidnap or anything to me.

So intrusive of you Ar.

And also. 2 people said it is a personal question. And two at least said it's vibe checking.

Aha! When she said how do you survive. I should've said Allah provides for everyone. Would've been a shutup call.

I can't go to the person and have this adult conversation about my fear of being. Oo.

Here is my chance.

Sit with my feelings.

The ig fawning part. My protective part. I'm so silly, why did i tell him where I'm applying or anything.

Compassion stepping in. It happens. Allah knows why things happen. And all one can do are adhkars and all. You never know the benefit of where you slipped. How or why it'd turn in your favor someday. You never know. So don't belittle yourself.

You feel attached for some reason to him, that's why you

Protective part- i don't trust him.

Compassion - your want to be seen and validated by a man.

Inner voice - i told my father and he didn't say anything. He just heard.

Should i have said to him. Why don't you say anything. Should i pose questions to him like i do to Ar.

💔Last resort.