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2022-08-29 23:34:00 (UTC)


Don’t bring anything unnecessary. My back is already in enough pain.

- I’m putting this anger away and utilizing it tomorrow. I have many things I’m aggrieved over.
>Too often nervous bc of school (I don’t need to be, even if anyone is looking at me I’m actually perfect. Literally).
>No lunch bc I’m too lazy to make and take one
>teachers talk too much
>chairs are uncomfortable
>I’m incapable of self relief (mstbtniykyk)
>I’m female so thighs are big ash and rub when I walk making me feel like I’m abt to fall over in the hallways 💪😊 I don’t even wanna be skinny that bad either. I just want to feel comfortable WALKING
Other than these things, I have nothing to feel anything about. Except stress over homework I haven’t done.😍 I’m tired.