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2022-08-27 21:52:00 (UTC)


Y’know I’ve been through pretty much all that I will ever (not actually) need to and I can confidently say that it’s all very ugly to look at. And I cannot, as of now, understand how people find any of it appealing since I’m missing out on the key factor.

In fact, I think that even with those egg videos or the rp ones, I really had to have a level of attraction to the voice or hands. Not the actual actions, since I wouldn’t get anything from those motions anyway. I’m hopeless.

I really should just drop it. Even on a canonical level (I’m talking to you PF).

I’ll come back when I’m older. Right now I have to worry about whether I’ll face any backlash from that dudes anger. I don’t even know why he got so mad at me.